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Best Bitcoin Casinos Of 2022: Beginners’ Guide To Bitcoin Casino

The Most Reliable Reviews and User Ratings

Play Bitcoin Casinos Online

Best online bitcoin casino is the product of the digital money revolution (crypto age). Free gamers and bettors alike may now play their favourite casino games using bitcoin and other related cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Tron, dogecoin, Ethereum, and so on, in as much as they are acceptable on the online bitcoin casino. 

Gaming on the casino bitcoin is sure to thrill the bulk of the players, although it might look complicated for players who are not familiar with the way crypto works at first. However, this article contains everything you need to know as a beginner to help you get started on the bitcoin casino. 

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What Is Bitcoin Casino?

Knowing what a bitcoin casino means is not hard since you already understand what a normal casino is on one hand and what bitcoin is on the other hand. For the benefit of the doubt anyway, we will try to define the concept;

While a casino is a place intended for gambling and entertainment, bitcoin is a digital currency built on blockchain technology. It is a form of cryptocurrency that is swift to transact with, highly secure, and preempts third-party interferences. Simply put, a bitcoin casino is an online casino where players can play casino games with bitcoin. So unlike online casinos where players play real money games, the mode of payment on the bitcoin casino is bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrencies.

Best Bitcoin Casino Sites

How to Start At A Bitcoin Casino?

Don’t get scared; getting started on a bitcoin casino is quite simple and easy. In this guide to bitcoin casino are easy steps that you can follow to get your game on and amass crypto wins on the BTC casino;

1) Familiarize yourself with cryptocurrencies 

There is news flying about every day on cryptocurrencies, their effect on the market, value fluctuation, and all, as there is a lot of information online. You only have to plug yourself into the system. Learn about crypto and how you can use them to win on the crypto casino. 

2) Download and fund your crypto wallet

Your wallet serves as the storehouse for your cryptocurrency. It’s where you’d have to send or receive crypto. After downloading the wallet, fund it with cryptocurrency.

3) Sign up on a best online bitcoin casino 

Identity any bitcoin casino that offers your game preference, not neglecting the offers and bonuses too. Enjoy bitcoin casino free signup bonus on Fun88; click here to sign up now.

4) Fund your best online bitcoin casino account 

Send bitcoin into your bet account to be able to wager on games.

Play Popular Bitcoin Casino Games

There are numerous bitcoin games available for play at the casino. Here’s a lowdown on some of the popular ones:

Bitcoin esports Betting

Bitcoin lottery

Stand a chance to win an amazing crypto reward on the cryptocurrency casino by playing the bitcoin lottery. Usually, players are expected to pick random numbers on the lotto BTC casino (5 to 6 numbers); the players whose numbers get picked as the winning number automatically wins the game. It’s a game of chance, but when played using bitcoin, the winnings can be overwhelming.

Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette​

You can also enjoy your favourite roulette games at the bitcoin casino. Play bitcoin roulette wheel to win massively in bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrencies. The tips on how to get started have been explained above. Follow the steps to get started on your favourite roulette games. There are variants of the game that you can also select from.

Bitcoin Blackjack

Bitcoin Blackjack

The bitcoin blackjack game is also one popular bitcoin card game that you can enjoy on the bitcoin casino. Winning big on this game depends on how skillful you are as a player. It’s a game of strategy, and playing with bitcoin is sure to earn you more valuable wins. Bitcoin blackjack is the way to go for smart blackjack players.

Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice

Enjoy amazing dice games on the bitcoin casino. too. Some of the best online bitcoin casinos offer thrilling variants of the game. It’s easy for players to get started, and there's no glitch involved in transacting to play on the game. You can be rest assured that the best bitcoin casinos have provably software which is what they use to guarantee the fairness of the game.


Bitcoin Slots​

For the best bitcoin slots, the BTC casino is where to be. Treat yourself to a wide collection of slot games and amazing bonuses on the bitcoin casino. Enjoy some of the best bitcoin casinos no deposit bonus to play. Spin Casino is one of the best bitcoin casinos for gambling online; sign up now to enjoy its many benefits!

Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin Poker​

Enjoy bitcoin casino free bonus as you opt to play the online bitcoin poker game at the online casino for bitcoin. The excitement is real, and the experience interesting as you get to play your favourite poker in another dimension. No bank credentials or whatsoever is needed to fund your account to begin to play.

Bitcoin Baccarat

Bitcoin Baccarat​

For lovers of baccarat, you can now play baccarat with bitcoin at the bitcoin casino. Enjoy the fun in the game by wagering bitcoin on yourself to win, on the dealer to win, or for you and the dealer to tie. All of these options are available for your entertainment and gambling needs at the bitcoin casino. Using bitcoin and other cryptos, it’s a different experience.

Bitcoin Keno

Bitcoin keno

Enjoy Bingo keno games on the bitcoin casino. To reap bitcoins from the game, ensure you select a reliable bitcoin casino with better odds and payout; first, play the free version of the game to hone your skill and get better at the game before putting a stake on it.

Bitcoin Bingo

Bitcoin bingo

Bingo bitcoin games are quite fancy on the bitcoin casino. Play your favourite numbered ball games using bitcoin and enjoy huge returns in value. The process is easy and seamless as you only have to fund your bet account using bitcoin to play.

Bitcoin sports betting

Bitcoin sports betting

For lovers of games such as football, horse racing, cricket, tennis, hockey, and the likes, bet on sports with bitcoin. It's exciting for swifter transactions and anonymous betting. You can earn more cash returns by staking with crypto than real money games. There’s also no form of third-party interference when you send or receive crypto into your wallet. It’s not only safe but swift.

Bitcoin esports Betting

Bitcoin Esport betting

For ardent followers of Esport betting, Esports bitcoin casino offers a new dimension to enjoying your simulated machine games. Place your stake with crypto and enjoy massive cash out in crypto. The reward is bound to be mind-blowing. Esports in itself is a realm of never-ending entertainment; combined with the benefits of cryptocurrency, the excitement inbound is inevitable.

Play Bitcoin Live Dealer Casino Games

From the comfort of your home with your computer or gadget plugged into your bitcoin casino online, you can get the best live dealer bitcoin games. Thrill yourself to live bitcoin roulette, live bitcoin blackjack, live bitcoin slots, live bitcoin baccarat, and any other bitcoin casino games that appeal to you. There’s no limit to the excitement you can derive from participating with live dealers and other bettors while still enjoying the lovable aura of your privacy. For the best live game experience, Plugin into Jeetplay casino now!

What Are Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos

It’s no longer news that there are many scam BTC casinos online. Some of these casinos have manipulative software that affects the outcome of your games to such an extent that you’d end up losing all your stake to them. Don’t put your cryptocurrencies to waste by playing on the wrong bitcoin casino.  This is where provably fair bitcoin casinos come to the fore!

The Provable casino is the safest casino online. They have provably software on the casinos that helps to ensure the fairness of all your games and bets.  You should never punt on a bitcoin casino that has no provably software to guarantee that your bet will not be compromised. It’s quite important to put this in focus.

Where To Find Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos Online?

To get the best provably casinos online, all you have to do is a little research. You’d be staking with your cryptocurrency, so you must take a little time to research the bitcoin casino you want to stake on. Before signing up on any casino, ensure you ascertain that they have provable fair software so that your safety is guaranteed. 

In India, Betway is one of the best provably fair proven casinos online where you can comfortably place your bitcoin bets with no hassle. Sign up now to get started!

How we review the best bitcoin casinos

When it comes to rating the best casinos that offer bitcoin gaming, we approach it from a transparent angle. Our extensive years of experience allow us to provide only true information to the users. Not only for India, but we have provided the depth and transparent review on Spanish, Thailand and Arabic casinos as well so that people from around the world can take benefit from our expertise. For the best bitcoin casino review, we ensure that all of the following factors are considered:

Safety check

The safety procedure put on the ground by the bitcoin casino to ensure that the player's bet is fair and not compromised is one critical factor considered in our review. All of these bitcoin casinos must have provably fair software operational on them.

Fast payment (payment mode)

For a good review, how fast a bitcoin casino is in processing deposits and withdrawals for players is also considered. The available payment methods to facilitate ease of payment are also factored into consideration.


A good bitcoin casino site must be licensed and regulated by a governing body. This is also one critical factor to consider to get the best review. The licensing and regulation of a bitcoin casino help to put it in check. One casino to rely on with regards to regulation is Royal Panda; click here to get started.

Terms and condition

A good review is incomplete without taking a peek into the terms and conditions of the bitcoin casinos to ascertain that they are favourable to the players. The more favourable the wagering requirement, bonus policies, and other terms are, the more recommendable the bitcoin casino becomes.

Perks and Cons of Using Bitcoin Currency at Online Casinos

Here’s a brief lowdown on the advantages and disadvantages of using bitcoin currency to play at an online casino:


  • Swift transaction: Using bitcoin, depositing and withdrawing is as fast as light. You can send your crypto in and withdraw your winnings within a twinkle of an eye. Bitcoin technology has made this possible.
  • Secured transactions: Bitcoin is built on blockchain technology, thus making it the most secured digital currency to transact with.
  • No interferences: There’s nothing like third-party interferences when transacting using bitcoin. It operates on a peer-to-peer basis with no bank interference or whatever 


  • High volatility: Bitcoin’s price is not fixed on the market, and it changes constantly due to the forces of demand and supply and other market elements.
  • Value fluctuation of currency: Keeping winnings in bitcoin may affect your total cashback as you may get low returns for your cash. This is because the price of bitcoin might reduce, hence, affecting the value of your currency too.

Deposit And Withdrawal Process At Bitcoin Casinos

How to deposit

  • After signing up on the bitcoin casino, you are given a unique address by the bitcoin casino where you are expected to send your deposit in crypto. 
  • Copy the address into your wallet and send the desired amount to the address. 
  • Follow the procedure on your wallet to make a successful transaction.

How to withdraw

  • Prompt your bitcoin casino about your intention to withdraw by clicking on the withdrawal button. 
  • After prompting your bitcoin casino to withdraw your winnings, provided you qualify to withdraw, your bitcoin will ask for your wallet address. 
  • Head on to your wallet to copy the address for the specific cryptocurrency you’d like to withdraw. 
  • Next, paste the copied address on your bitcoin casino and follow the remaining prompts. 
  • You might be asked to enter a special pin to authenticate the transaction.

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Top Bitcoin Casino Software Providers

In the world of bitcoin casinos, there are numerous games. These games didn’t just come to be out of oblivion; some software companies developed them. Here are some of the best companies in the game;



Established in 1996, NetEnt is a gaming company based in Sweden. It has since onset produced numerous slot games, blackjack, and other kinds of games. The award-winning gamer software provider is licensed to operate in several countries some of which include Belgium, the Uk, Spain, Romania, Portugal, and more. Some of its popular game brands included; the invisible man, Dracula, the black lagoon, planet of the apes, gonzo conquest, and many more.



Renowned for creating the first casino online software in 1994, this company has ever since remained in the game and has produced top-notch games to the thrill of many players. Microgaming has a lot of slot games, jackpot, baccarat games, poker games, and table games to its credit. Some of its popular brands include Aliens, Jurassic Park, Starburst, and the likes. This company has offered its software to over 100 casinos and other leading gaming outlets.



Established in 2013 by Kugler Kfir, the Ezugi company has earned a spot as one of the top producers of quality casino games. To the company's credit are quality games such as Ezugi live dealer Bitcoin blackjack, Ezugi 21, Ezugi card games, and so on.



Mobzway is another leading gaming company notable for its exotic collection of games. Some of the best roulette, slots, craps, and poker game variants were designed by this company.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses List

To thrill their players and attract potential players to their casino, bitcoin casino uses the following types of bonuses; 

  • Welcome bonuses: Some casino bitcoin sites appreciate new players by giving them a welcome bonus when they sign up. 
  • Deposit bonuses: Players get this bonus once they deposit bitcoin or other acceptable cryptocurrencies into their bet account. However, most bitcoin casinos have minimum deposit requirements that players are expected to meet. Also, players are expected to claim a deposit bonus within a stipulated number of days. 
  • Faucet bonuses: players can also qualify for drops of cryptocurrency by participating in activities on the bitcoin casino. Activities such as referrals, free spins, and others are rewarded with the faucet bonus.
  • No deposit bonus: some bitcoin casino in India also gives bonuses even without the player depositing a dime. However, for players to withdraw winnings made with No Deposit bonus, they have to meet the wagering requirement of the bitcoin casino.

Bonus Requirements

To qualify for bonuses, bitcoin casinos set standards which they expect players to surpass.  While some casinos will require that a particular amount is deposited to claim a bonus, others offer a bonus to reward new players who sign up for their bet casino. Even most times, players are expected to

Bonus Wagering

Some bitcoin casinos allow their players to wager with bonuses earned from the casino. However, players might be required to conform to certain rules to be able to withdraw winning made from bonus wagers.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Bitcoin wallet?

It is a digital account that sends and receives encrypted digital currency.

It is a digital account that sends and receives encrypted digital currency.

Yes, this can happen when your casino offers you a bonus or promotion. However, you will need to abide by the wagering terms.

Is it safe to use a Bitcoin casino?

Yes, safety is guaranteed when using a Bitcoin casino.

Is there a minimum deposit amount for Bitcoin casinos?

Yes. The minimum limit set for Bitcoin casino deposits should be equivalent to the least amount in cash value.

Are there benefits of Bitcoin casinos as compared to traditional casinos?

Yes. Bitcoin casinos are safe, offer the anonymity component, and the site is user-friendly.

Are there details that I should provide when wagering using Bitcoins?

No, you don't need to provide your real credentials when wagering on Bitcoin casinos.


Follow the digital trend by playing your favourite games using bitcoin on the best online bitcoin casino. It promises to be a fun-filled and exhilarating experience. Access numerous bitcoin slots, bitcoin roulette, bitcoin blackjacks, and other exotic types of games and get the opportunity to win big by staking your bets using bitcoin. Enjoy swifter and more secured transactions as you bet anonymously. 

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