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Bitcoin Casino Bonuses & Promotions for Indian gamblers

It’s fascinating how everything is gradually changing with the era of cryptocurrency. Even in the casino world, it’s not surprising that bitcoin casinos are gradually replacing regular casinos. 

The reason for this is simple; unlike cash transactions, bitcoin is faster and easier to send, and thanks to its blockchain technology, it secures your transaction as there’s nothing like third party interference with your transaction.  As a smart gamer, playing on a bitcoin site that offers an amazing bitcoin casino bonus is what you should be on the lookout for.  Click here to get to Fun88 for the best offers. 

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

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How to get a bitcoin casino bonus in India?

For casino freaks and gamers, it’s important you follow the trend and tap into the many possibilities opened up by crypto casino. It’s quite easy to go home with some bitcoin bonus in your wallet; you just have to learn the trick. Here are some tips on how you can get a bitcoin casino bonus in India; 

  1. The first thing you have to do as a smart player is to understand what bitcoin is all about. It’s quite complicated though, try to learn the basics, which is that: bitcoin is a digital currency that is becoming widely accepted across the world as an alternative to fiat (the physical cash spend on a daily basis). Bitcoin is built on blockchain technology, making it one of the most secured currencies. It is easy to send and receive payment through cryptocurrency. 
  2. The next thing to do is to secure a crypto wallet where you can save your bitcoin. 
  3. After this is settle, identify top Indian bitcoin sites and sign up. Choose sites that give bitcoin welcome bonuses.  
  4. For every game you win, some sites give bonuses, too, so try to win as many games as possible. 
  5. For being a member of a site, some sites give a bonus spin where you can win bitcoin. Ensure you are signed up to such sites. 
  6. Some sites offer Bitcoin to play specific kind of games, which may be roulette or slot. The more you play, the more you earn. JeetPlay can thrill you with amazing crypto offers, click here to visit the site!

Different Types of bitcoin Casino Bonuses

On bitcoin gaming sites, there are various kinds of bonuses available for worthy players for spinning the roulette wheel. Here are some of the common types you’d find.On bitcoin casinos, there are various kinds of bonuses available for worthy players for spinning the roulette wheel. Here are some of the common types you’d find.

No deposit bonus

The meaning of No Deposit bonus type can be gotten from its name. It simply means that you are not required to make any deposit before you can get a bonus. The only qualification would be to sign up or register a new account on the site. Some sites will even require that you verify your account before giving you the bonus. This is similar to what online casinos do; the only difference is that the bonus is a cryptocurrency and it is usually offered by a crypto-casino.

Free spins

After registering or signing up on a bitcoin gaming site, free spins are usually given to new players by the casino after the needful has been done. The needful would mean; email verification of account or an actual verification with an electronic ID. With the free spins, players stand a chance of winning different kinds of reward, which in this case is bitcoin. With the bitcoin casino bonus spins, you can boost your earnings to a high proportion. It’s indeed a most exciting offer. You may withdraw bitcoin rewards gotten from free spins or use them to stake on the site.

Welcome bonus

This is not complex to explain too. For signing up on a bitcoin gaming site, most give what is called the bitcoin welcome bonus. Casinos give up to $50-250 worth of bitcoin to new players who just joined the site. Usually, this is done to appreciate the player for choosing them. However, most bitcoin welcome bonuses cannot be withdrawn. Rather, the casino expects that the player stakes on games with the bonus. If such stakes transpose into winnings, then they may be withdrawn or used for further bets as deemed by the player.

Referral bonus

This type of bonus is given to a player who refers other players to the crypto casino. Typically, after registering on a site, a referral code is automatically generated for the new player. This is what he will use to bring other players to the casino. For as many that register through the referral code, the player gets a referral bonus in bitcoin. Crypto- casinos do this to market their site and make it more popular among players.

Loyalty bonuses

This type of bonus is rewarded to players who use the bitcoin to stake at all times. Usually, casinos keep a track record of deposits and stakes made by every player on the site. This helps them sieve out players who are loyal to the brand from those who are not. As a reward for loyalty, the bitcoin loyalty bonuses are given.

Bitcoin Casino Bonus Codes

How you game on the normal casino is still the same way you’d game on the bitcoin casino. Roulette, blackjacks or slots as you know them are the same – no changes. The only difference is that the modes of deposit and withdrawal are done with cryptocurrency. Also, every bonus you earn as a reward is paid out as cryptocurrency. In the same vein, how online casinos attract new players with cash bonus codes is what crypto casinos aim to achieve too. 

Typically, the bitcoin bonus code is used as bait to attract new players to the casino. These codes are issued randomly on the internet, social media platform and everywhere else with the intention to attract new players to the casino. A typical example is you may find something that looks like this on a casino’s social media Twitter handle “$25 bitcoin bonus, use code EEFR99”. 

For the bonus to be claimed, new players would have to rush down to the site to use the code to claim the welcome bonus.  On the list of best bitcoin casinos is Royal Panda casino, the experience promises to be mind-blowing; sign up to Royal Panda for amazing offers now!

Bitcoin Casino Faucet Bonus

A casino can also take the form of a faucet and give little drops of bonuses to players. The idea behind a faucet is quite simple. It intends to give reward for tasks accomplished. Crypto casinos can take the form of a faucet and issue faucet bonuses to players who complete little tasks in the various casino games. For instance, a bitcoin gaming site may give faucet to any player who deposits a particular amount to the site; or any player who hits a certain milestone in a game; or to any player who refers a specific number of players to the site. As said, it’s a small reward for a small task done. 

Faucets are not large but small rewards that can be accumulated over time. A smart player should seize every opportunity to amass faucet bonuses as this could accumulate into bigger rewards in the nearest future. Given the rate at which bitcoin is increasing in value, players should amass bitcoin casino faucet bonuses. This is a very smart way to have bitcoin in your possession. 

Terms and Conditions for Claiming Bitcoin Bonuses Online

Several terms and conditions exist for a player to be eligible to claim bitcoin bonuses. No matter how small or big the bonus, players must be careful to understand the rules that guide them so as not to lose them or forfeit them. Here are some of the terms and conditions to claim bitcoin bonuses online;

  • Players must participate in the regular promotions. 
  • The player must understand the terms for a reward. For instance, if a bonus is to be not withdrawable and should be used to stake, he must conform. 
  • Players must understand the wagering requirement that comes with the reward. 
  • Apart from understanding the wagering requirement, players must fulfil it. 
  • If a player is detected with multiple accounts, his bonuses are forfeited.
  • If a player allows another player other than himself to place a bet on his account while his reward is active, he will forfeit his bonus. 
  • If a player uses procedures or software that gives him an advantage over other players to win bonus, he will forfeit his bonus. 
  • If the casino perceives that the player has violated some reward terms, the bonuses may be withdrawn and the account suspended. 

To claim bitcoin bonuses online, players must agree to the terms and conditions of the casino. 

Bonus Requirements in Bitcoin Casinos

To be able to win bitcoin bonuses and rewards online, most casinos set some standards. Only players who meet up with these standards are deemed eligible for bonuses. Some of the bonus requirement set by bitcoin betting sites include the following; 

1) Game contribution rates

To win a bonus or qualify for a reward, sometimes, the game contribution rate of a player might be measured. Game contribution rates refer to how often a player stakes on the casino.  

2) Rollover requirement

To qualify for a bonus, casinos may require that a player stake a particular amount of bitcoin on a bet. If such a player is not able to meet up with his rollover; he won’t be considered for a bonus. 

3) Conformity to rules and terms of bonus

A crypto casino often checks a player’s conformity with the terms of a bonus for such a player to be considered for a subsequent bonus. Where a player violates a term of bonus, he may not be considered for a subsequent bonus. In an extreme case, such a player’s account may be suspended. 

Wagering Requirements in Bitcoin Casino

Wager requirement refers to the amount of bitcoin a player would have to bet on a casino before such a player is allowed to withdraw winnings. Most times, the wagering requirement refers to earned bonuses and rewards, which are supposed to be staked again on a bet. 

This is sometimes played as a trick by bitcoin betting sites to make a player lose the bonuses he has amassed before. Where the player loses the stake; it becomes a win for the casino and a loss for the player. However, if such a player is fortunate, he would end up with more wins. 

Very few casinos do not give wagering requirements to their players. However, most issue wagering requirements to take back what has initially been offered to the player as a reward. 

Instead of viewing the wagering requirement as a means of exploitation, a smart player would see it as an opportunity to go home with more cash. Thus, he would hone his gaming skill to make good the opportunity. After all, it’s always said that there’s a silver lining on every dark cloud.


How can I get a bitcoin casino bonus?

You can get a bitcoin casino bonus by signing up at a crypto casino. You can even earn more by winning free spins and a game bonus.

Do all bitcoin casino offer bitcoin free spin?

Most casinos offer free spin whose reward is in bitcoin to new players who sign up to the site

What is bitcoin welcome bonus?

This is the bonus you receive when you first sign up at a bitcoin casino. The casino gives you this bonus as a show of appreciation for choosing to join them.

Where can I get bitcoin casino bonus codes?

You can get bitcoin casino bonus codes from the official site of the bitcoin gaming site, its social media pages and on websites or blogs affiliated to the casino.

Which bitcoin casino would be good?

Fun88 casino has amazing features that will thrill you. Click here to sign up now!

Can I decide not to stake my wager requirement?

That is not a good idea because if you decide not to stake your wager requirement, you won’t be able to withdraw your real winnings. So, it is not advisable unless you want to quit gaming with the casino.

Wrap Up

Bitcoin is the wave of the moment. Players must endeavour to take advantage of the bonuses offered by these casinos to amass a lot of bitcoin. Even the right orientation must be given to players on maximising bitcoin bonuses.