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Guide To iPhone Betting (iOS Bitcoin Betting)

Betting is a general term for what it means to put money in a casino, to stake games, to win, to lose. The gambling industry has evolved so much, and it is such an interesting thing to witness. There has been a dimensional change in how betting used to be and what it is now. From slot machines at traditional or land-based casinos to online slot machines at websites, bitcoin mobile apps to mobile Bitcoin Casinos. Do you want to know about iPhone bitcoin betting, or you want to even play one? Then keep reading and also create an account at Fun88 casino.

iPhone (iOS) Bitcoin Betting

Best iPhone Bitcoin Betting Apps And Sites

What Is iOS (iPhone) Gaming?

If we want to talk about iOS gaming, we should go back to bitcoin mobile casinos and bitcoin apps, then take it from there. Do you want to know what mobile betting is? It simply is betting through your mobile devices, through your android or iOS phones. Since our concern is iPhone gaming, let’s get into it. Mobile bitcoin casinos betting itself is part of the progressive innovations of gambling. It allows players to have fun on the go. 

They do not have to sit down in a place to use their desktop computers or go to a physical store; mobile betting makes sure you can do that anywhere. iPhone gaming is only for players who use an iPhone. It is a type of mobile betting available to iPhone users mostly through downloadable apps. Even if not, most online websites have been designed to fit into an iPhone screen, such that the interface fits in perfectly and the website functions 100%. This is close to what you’ll get when you’re looking for a guide to Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos. 

How To Bet With Bitcoin On iPhone?

Betting on an iPhone is not difficult. As long as you’re an iOS phone user, you can find your way around it. For players who aren’t very familiar with the iPhone, this would be very useful for you. 

  • Create an account on a casino of your choice

This is the first step to betting with Bitcoin. You need to sign up at a Bitcoin casino by providing a valid email and a unique password. For some casinos, you may need to answer other personal questions such as your residential address, mobile number, postal address, etc. Note that this varies according to casinos, but you must pick a casino that accepts bitcoin. 

  • Set up a crypto wallet

A crypto wallet is a purse where your bitcoin goes in and out from, and because this is bitcoin betting, you need a functioning crypto wallet to deposit at your casinos and make withdrawals. There are different types of wallets you can make use of. What you want is the most important. 

  • Top up your Crypto Wallet

The money you’ll put in your bitcoin wallet will be used to make deposits into your bet account, so you need a significant amount enough to make bets. To do this, all you need to do is copy your wallet address and send it to a person with the coins you want (which is called a P2P) or make payments directly into your Bitcoin wallet from your country’s bank accounts. 

  • Make Deposits of Bitcoin Into your Betting Account

Remember that you now have a betting account, and you can now make payments into the account. How do you do this? Copy your wallet address into the space created for bitcoin deposits on the casino, and it’ll be deducted automatically. Bitcoin payments are confirmed to be faster than fiat because it isn’t passing through any 3rd party. 

Why Choose An iPhone To play Bitcoin Casinos?

There are good reasons to play bitcoin casino games with iPhones, and those reasons will be enumerated below. Are you excited to read? Just click right here to sign up at LeoVegas casino, where you can enjoy your mobile betting with bitcoin games. 

  1. Perfectly functioning interface, themes, music, etc.: There’s no difference between betting using a desktop computer and betting on an iPhone. iPhone is made to accommodate even the most recent of casinos such that there’s no tampering with none of the casino functions.
  2. Variety of games: One of the fears of mobile betting is that there may not be enough games to choose from, unlike online casinos. This is, however, not entirely true as there are varieties of games to choose from, even on the casino app. You can find sports betting, slots betting. You can even play demos to be sure your money is worth spending. 
  3. Bitcoin iPhone betting is faster: It has been mentioned that Bitcoin betting generally is faster than fiat transactions because it is direct and devoid of third parties. Also, the numerous charges on transactions done through other payment platforms can be bypassed with iPhone bitcoin betting. 
  4. Ease and mobility: For desktop betting, you need to be with a computer, sit down to use it. For iPhone betting, you only need to hold a phone, and you can take it anywhere you want to, to wherever you want to. It lets you play your games anywhere you want to and anytime. This luxury is not available at traditional betting, which requires that you be in a certain place to bet. 

Play Bitcoin Casino Games On iPhone

Just like every other medium of betting, iPhone betting offers different types of games to players. From mobile bitcoin casino games to slot games, table games, and card games, what you’ll get is what you want. The mention of an iPhone might make it sound like limited game types, but this is not true. Below are some types of games you can play on your iPhone. Sign up at the spin casino to enjoy different types of bitcoin casino games on the iPhone. 

Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin slots are slot games you can play using bitcoin. For better understanding, it is just slot games developed by different providers. They're slots that you might have come across before, and there is no exception of playing on an iPhone. Maybe you've seen Microgaming, Netent, Red Tiger, Play N Go, Evolution Gaming, etc. Those are slot game providers, and they are responsible for games such as Mega Moolah, Starburst, Valley of God's Queen of the castle, Deadpool, etc. You can play slot games with bitcoin, as well as use an iPhone for slot betting.

Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoins Poker

When you hear Poker games, what comes to your mind? Poker is a type of card game played on a table, with different rules of the game. It is also known to be one pack with different variations to play in the modern world. Examples of bitcoin poker games include Hold em' Texas, stud poker, Caribbean stud poker, three card poker, Let it ride, five-card draw, five-card stud, low ball, Badugi, etc.

Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette games are a type of game that can also be played on an iPhone. In the case of a bitcoin Roulette, a card is dropped on a wheel, and the number of stops determines wins and losses. There are different types of this game, but European Roulette is the most commonly played. American Roulette, French Roulette, Double Roulette are other examples. This is also another good game that can be played on an iPhone.

Bitcoin Craps

Bitcoin Craps

When mentioning betting games on an iPhone, one cannot but mention bitcoin craps. Crap games are a dice-like type of game played at casinos. There's no limitation to how much fun you can have with bitcoin craps on iPhone, and thanks to the iOS processor, the game functions perfectly well. You can also play live dealer bitcoin games. Yes, that's extra information for you.

Best iPhone Bitcoin Casino Software

The gambling industry is so large that numerous casino software providers have made nice games like Bitcoin sports betting enjoyed by everyone. However, it is important to know the best mobile bitcoin casino software available for iPhone users. For the best of games by these providers,click here to create an account on Betway CasinoThis is a beginners guide to the best bitcoin casinos.  



Microgaming is one of the most relevant and powerful game software providers in this industry. It is an award-winning and innovative company that has gone on to win multiple awards and is known to have produced one of the most popular jackpot-winning games in the industry (mega moolah). The truth about Microgaming is that its games can be played on an iPhone as well as an android. It is a licensed and regulated casino that will undoubtedly serve the right purpose of a bitcoin mobile casino game.

International Gaming Technology

International Gaming Technology (IGT)

IGT is this software provider that is on a different lane because it has made more than a thousand types of games, and it's extended its arm to different countries even though it was originally founded in 1975 in Las Vegas, US. IGT is famous for the Wheel of fortune and Cleopatra. iPhone users can use IGT software and also play any of their games.



Following Microgaming is NetEnt. Most of the time, where you see Microgaming, you're likely to see NetEnt. This is because NetEnt is also another big gaming software provider recognised and respected in the industry. NetEnt has since the 90's gone on to provide more than 400 games, has its own bitcoin mobile casino gambling games, and has functions for iPhone players.



If you've come across a slot game titled "Book of Ra", then you should know Novomatic, but if not, here's the information. Novomatic remains one of the oldest game providers the industry has ever witnessed; their operations date back to more than 4 decades ago. Even at that, they keep improving, and that's why they're a good choice for iPhone bitcoin users.



How can one mention the best iPhone bitcoin casino software and leave Yggdrasil out? It is not possible. This company has been doing wonders since 2013, and it's known for high-quality games. When you're looking for top collections of iPhone bitcoin games, then check Yggdrasil, and you won't be disappointed. It's a small but mighty thing, never to be overlooked regardless of the size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iPhone bitcoin betting?

This simply means using an iPhone or iOS to place bets at bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin casinos are a type of online casinos where Cryptocurrency is allowed as a means of payment.

Can I make money through an iPhone bitcoin casino?

You can, if you're staking with real money as well, but if you're playing a demo casino game, you can't win real money.

Is iPhone Bitcoin casino different from Android casino?

Yes, they are different. BTC android phones are android powered while iPhone is iOS powered.

Can I play my iPhone games at NetEnt?

Yes, you can. NetEnt has provided games for all types of devices, including iPhones.

What should I look for when choosing a bitcoin casino?

The most important thing to look for is licensing and regulation. Check whether the casino is licensed and regulated by recognised companies. You could look out for Malta Gaming, Curacao, EGC, etc.

How do I make deposits into my casino account using bitcoin?

This is quite simple. Since you already have a Bitcoin wallet, all you need to do is to copy your wallet address and paste it into the casino space for bitcoin payments. That's all.


In a nutshell, there are many options for iPhone users to play their games at, even bitcoin games. There are numerous bitcoin casinos that BTC iPhone players can trust to give them a good gaming experience. Gaming providers have also taken into consideration iPhone users. 

Given this, we have explained in detail all you need to know about iPhone bitcoin betting, from registrations to different software providers, mobile bitcoin casinos, and the benefits of using an iPhone to do bitcoin betting. To practicalize all you’ve read here, sign up at 22Bet Casino to try out iPhone bitcoin betting and get bitcoin casino bonuses for free or real money.