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Best Bitcoin Bingo Sites Of 2022

Playing bitcoin bingo has opened a new dimension of fantasy to bingo players. Indeed, the use of bitcoin has created an observable improvement in the game, thus, making it more attractive and exciting to players. No wonder there’s been a sporadic increase in the number of bingo players across the world – the crypto-drive has made it so. 

While an increase in the numbers of bitcoin bingo sites lately, with each offering different kinds of market, it’s no gainsaying that some sites stand out more than others. A smart player deserves the best!

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An Overview of Bitcoin Bingo

Bingo is every player’s favourite because it is easy to play and even easier to cap wins. For this reason, every bingo house is always full to the brim. 

Although the game of Bingo has come a long way, the emergence of online casinos made it accessible to more players across the world. The barrier of finding a bingo house to play was eliminated as players could now access the casino game from the comfort of their houses. More bets were made, and more winners emerged over time. 

In recent times, the rise of cryptocurrency and the many goodies it brought with it informed its adaptation to casino games, specifically, Bingo. The name bitcoin bingo emerges as a result of the combo.

Obviously, cryptocurrency, for instance, bitcoin, is fast and easy to transact with; more secured to move around; has little transactional charges, and is protected from third-party interference. For all these benefits, it became the sweet sensation of the moment. As a result, many bitcoin bingo sites where bitcoin is used for deposits, wager, and withdrawal emerged. 

There’s still more to come, but for players to play on the best bitcoin casino sites online, they have to be able to identify the sites with the best offers for play.

Bitcoin Bingo

How to play bingo games with bitcoin?

If you wish to play bingo games online with the best bitcoin casino bookies but confused about how to go about it, let’s help you understand by explaining the whole process;

  • The first step is to open a bitcoin wallet .
  • Buy bitcoin into the wallet from any trusted dealer.
  • Sign up on any bitcoin bingo casino.
  • Verify your account and do the needful to successfully register on the site.
  • Deposit into your bet account with bitcoin or any other acceptable cryptocurrency that you have.
  • Upon successful deposit, head to the bingo room to find any suitable bingo game.
  • Select from the available games on the site. While some offer the common 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball bingo, some offer turbo balls like the 30-ball, 36-ball and 40-ball. Choose any ball that works for you.
  • To win, you have to make a winning line of five numbers in any specific pattern required by the bingo site. 
  • Select the numbers of ticket you want to play and determine how much you want to stake on the ticket. While some sites offer a single fixed price, others may give you the liberty to determine your stake.
  • After selecting your tickets, wait for the draws to start.
  • Mark your cards when the number you picked is called. This then continues until it matches and you make a bingo. 
  • If you make a bingo, you win; if not, you’ve lost your stake.

Some rules that guide bitcoin bingo when you play include the following;

  • Bitcoin bingo sites expect players to comply with the rules of the game.
  • The use of software of IT tricks to manipulate outcome is also not allowed.
  • You need bitcoin or other kinds of cryptocurrency acceptable by the site to enter a draw.

Tips for playing Bingo game using bitcoin

Bingo is a game of chance and not a game of skill. To play and win big in the game would require some degree of smartness as a player cannot change the outcome of the draw. The only tool you have is your wit; it’s only wise to maximize it to get the best out of the game. Here are some simple tips to help you increase your chances:

1) Buy more and more cards

There’s no limit to the numbers of cards you can buy in a bitcoin bingo. In fact, the more cards you have, the better your chances are of winning. You have to understand that the only ammunition you have to succeed in the game is your cards.

2) Know the game

If you go about tossing your bets without a mastery of the game, the end may likely not be palatable as you may end up losing your bets. As such, it’s important you understand how the game works before punting your hard-earned cash on it. To know how the game works, you can learn by playing in the fun mode first. Learn the basic and workings of the game without losing your money. Go for the real money option when you’re sure you can play.

3) Know the right time to play too

Many people play bitcoin bingo during convenient hours. You should avoid these hours as the result of the game might not be favourable.

Variants of Bitcoin Bingo Casino

There are different variants of bitcoin bingo balls you can use to play the game. A brief description of each is provided below:

80-ball Bingo

80-ball Bingo

Created exclusively for online players, this ball has grown in popularity over the years. It uses a 4 by 4 card thus, holding up to a total of 16 numbers. On the cards are different colours, with each representing a range of numbers. To win with this card, you have to get a winning pattern by marking your Bingo.

75-Ball Bingo

75-ball Bingo

This is the most popular bingo pick in the US. It uses a 5 by 5 card and features up to 75 balls in the game. The card consists of 25 squares and a blank in the centre. On top of the card is the word BINGO, with each of its letters topping a range of numbers. This card provides many winning opportunities such as the diagonal, vertical or horizontal line.

30-ball Bingo

30-ball Bingo

This card is also referred to as 'speed bingo' because it can be used for swift betting action. In play, it features 30 balls and a 3 by 3 card. The cards contain 9 numbers with values ranging from 1 -30. This card follows only one winning pattern known as the full house, where the first player to daub the numbers on the card wins.

90-Ball Bingo

90-ball Bingo

This version of Bingo is popular across the world. It is the biggest Bingo. It features a total of 90 numbers displayed across 9 columns. Each column will hold 5 numbers placed on 3 rows. In all, there would be a total of 15 numbers on each card. There are 3 stages involved in play. While the person who completes the horizontal row wins the first stage, the person who fills the 2 horizontal rows wins the second stage. The player who gets a full house wins the last stage. Visit JeetPlay to enjoy the best variant of bitcoin bingo. Click here to join now!

Pros and Cons of Playing Bingo at Bitcoin Casino

While playing Bingo with bitcoin comes with exceptional benefits, some downside might still exist too. Let’s consider some of its perks and cons below:


  • Play game anonymously: A normal online casino will require that you upload some vital information on the site. To even make your deposit, you’d have to enter your card details and bank information too. Playing on a bitcoin casino does not require all these. Your mode of payment is bitcoin, and it is highly secure. Bitcoin is transacted with a unique id and wallet address that does not reveal any of your personal or financial details. This is one strong point for playing Bingo in a bitcoin casino as you don’t have to worry about if your identity may be compromised.
  • Minimal transaction fee: There’s no third-party interference when you transact with bitcoin. The implication of this is that, to play bitcoin bingo on a bitcoin casino, you won’t have to pay heavily for transaction charges for your deposits and withdrawals. The transaction fee is subsidized to your advantage.
  • Provably results: Bitcoin casino operates provably software which helps you to guarantee the fairness of your game. The software features complex algorithms and encryptions that secures your game from any form of manipulation. Therefore, the doubt about whether your games may be sabotaged is eliminated when you play on bitcoin casinos. 
  • Swift transactions: Transacting with bitcoin works like the speed of light. Thus, bitcoin casinos help you to deposit bitcoin in your account and withdraw your winnings with ease.
  • Blockchain security: Your transaction with crypto is heavily secured with blockchain technology. Thus, you have nothing to fear about if your data is safe with bitcoin casinos. Enjoy Bingo all the way with the most secured currency.

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  • High volatility rate: Accumulating bitcoin wins on bitcoin casinos is tricky because the price of bitcoin is not stable. It can either go up or go down, and this is determined largely by market forces which both the bettors and the casino has no control over. What this means is that you might have a lot of bitcoin in your account with less cash in real life if the price of bitcoin drops and vice versa.
  • Non-conversion to fiat currency: Most bitcoin casinos transact in bitcoin. They receive a deposit in crypto and also process withdrawal in crypto. So, it’s hard for players to easily convert their earning into fiat currencies that are widely used for household transactions.
  • Wagering requirements: One problem with most bitcoin casino is that they will not allow you to make withdrawals unless you meet their wagering requirement. This requirement entails that you must make a stake a particular amount on a bet to be able to make withdrawals. This seems like a subtle attempt to make players lose what they have gained initially.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different variants of bitcoin bingo casino?

The various variants of bitcoin bingo casino games include 30-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball. Enjoy the bitcoin with any of these numbered ball games. It promises to be exciting!

Do I need only bitcoin to play on bitcoin bingo casino?

No, you do not need only bitcoin to play on the casino. You may play with other cryptocurrencies that are available on the bitcoin casino. This could be Ethereum, Litecoin or ripple.

Does my winning in bitcoin have fixed value when I change it to fiat?

No, your winnings do not have a fixed value. It may be high or low depending on the present rate of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a highly volatile cryptocurrency that can be affected by different factors in the market.

Where can I play bitcoin bingo?

You can play your bitcoin bingo games on Royal Panda. The site has different variants of bitcoin bingo that definitely will thrill you. You may head on to the site to find out. Sign up here!

Wrap up

The benefits of playing Bingo on a bitcoin casino are enormous. Enjoy swift deposit and withdrawals, secured details, anonymous transactions and freedom from any kind of third-party interference when you play. Tap to enjoy the endless possibilities of staking your bets with crypto and enjoy sporadic increase in the value of your winnings when you convert them to cash. In fact, bitcoin bingo is the wave of the moment. Nothing beats it!

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