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Best Bitcoin Slots - Guide And Review

Bitcoin slots is a new cool in the gambling world and such an interesting innovation. It simply means that you can play slots with bitcoin as a currency. There are now numerous bitcoin slots games to play. 

Fun88 is a casino site where players can play their bitcoin slots. Play at Fun88, open an account, have a bitcoin wallet, make a deposit and play. 

What you are about to read will explain what bitcoin slots are in detail, bitcoin live dealer games, etc. Do you want to know all these? Stay with us as we take you through.

Best Bitcoin Slots

Best Bitcoin Slots Casinos 2022

Types of Bitcoin Slot Games

Bitcoin is the flagged currency of blockchain and the cryptocurrency world. It is the most popular and most used form. It preceded any other type of cryptocurrency, and its success is why we now have others. Who would have taught that in years to come, gambling would have evolved from cash to something totally and entirely different? Today we now have slots games that can be played using bitcoin, reason why we refer to them as bitcoin slots. A number of them can be played at Leo Vegas Casino, click here to sign up. To play Bitcoin Slots at Leo Vegas, a player only needs to register or open an account on the casino site, register and start playing. 

Video Bitcoin Slots

Video Bitcoin Slots

Video bitcoin slots are ordinarily video slots that are played using bitcoin. They are the most common type of slots you can find anywhere online. Almost all casinos flag Video slots as their main focus. They are a combination of video games and slot machine features. This makes it an excellent and interesting game that players always love to play. One table game you find may equal to one hundred video slot games that you must have found. Playing with bitcoin even added to the already made interesting experience that this type of slot game has to offer.

Classic Bitcoin Slots

Classic Bitcoin Slots

When you hear classic, what comes to mind? Some old school kind of thing, right? You are 100% right. Classic bitcoin slots are the old type of online slot games played before video slots. They are simple to play and up-close everything in common with traditional slot machines or casinos. Classic slots will give you a feel of the original Vegas with the tip of bitcoins. Bitcoin being involved in this means you can have new features infused into them while maintaining its classic nature.

3D Bitcoin Slots

3D Bitcoin Slots

3D bitcoin slots do one thing, it makes reality clearer or, better still, brings reality closer. When you look at 3Dgame, it makes you feel like what you are doing is real, but it's just a game. The graphics, the themes and colour get you immersed in the realness of the game. So, 3D bitcoin slots are designed to make the slot gaming experience feel as real as possible while playing. It is an innovation that tries to bring the experience closer to people.

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots are slot games where players can win huge amount of money when playing. Progressive jackpots, which are the most common type of jackpot slots, gives players progressive wins as they pay. You must have heard the word “hit a jackpot” many times. Hitting a jackpot can worth quite a lot. A lot of slots these days are jackpot slots. It is one of the peculiarities of slot games.

Megaways Slots

Megaways Slots

Megaways slots are another type of slot game that changes how symbols show on the reels, and it gives different ways to win in return. This type of slot gives multiple ways of winning more than the traditional way given on most slots. Megaways slot may include many paylines and an additional number of symbols. Most online slots have 5 to 25 paylines, while megaways may have up to 24,000 pay lines and above 100,000 ways to win.

Bonus Games In Bitcoin Slots

Bonus Games in Bitcoin Slots

Bonus bitcoin slots are just as seen. They are slots you play as a side piece. You can play bonus slots while playing the main slot; this allows you to get extra cash if you are lucky enough to win. The bonuses can come in the form of bitcoin slots free spins, or bitcoin slots no deposit. The secret is that bonus games are sometimes more interesting than actual games. You could not win any cash playing bonus bitcoin slots? Then enjoy the fun while it lasts.

Cartoon or Movie Themed Bitcoin Slots

Cartoon OR Movie Themed Bitcoin Slots

These are bitcoin slots themed after a popular cartoon character or a popular movie. Numerous movies get slot games designed after them. Some movie-themed slot games are The Avengers Slot, Mortal Combat, The Gladiator, The Rango Slot, Jurassic Park, etc. They can be found at online casinos. When you find these bitcoin slots, you will see the storyline of these movies in them, even the movie characters.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Slots

Provably Fair Bitcoin Slots

Provably fair bitcoin slots help the player by checking the fairness of the game being played. It is a type of blockchain algorithm that ensures that all aspects of the game are fair right from the start of the game to the end. There are a lot of BTC provably fair casinos out there where players can stake games. Inferno STAR, Rio stars, treasure heroes, fortune rangers are all examples of slot games that can be played with bitcoin. Once a slot game is available for bitcoin gambling, then it will pass provably fair.

Live Dealer Bitcoin Slots

Most bitcoin players want to have a feel of what it means to play with other players like them, real humans. That’s what the live dealer bitcoin slot games are all about. It gives an avenue to take a shift from playing with the computer and staking games for real. The live dealer bitcoin slots give the feeling of pure Vegas, a traditional casino. Many bitcoin casinos offer live gambling slots for players. An example is Royal Panda. It is also simple to use the site to play bitcoin slots. 

To open an account on Royal Panda, register with a valid email and a password. Once you have done that, opt for Live Dealer on the site. There is no difficulty in playing live dealer bitcoin slots if you are used to playing live dealing slots. The only difference now is that you are playing with Bitcoin from your wallet rather than a fiat currency. Also, there is no limit to the number of bitcoin slots you can play in the live dealing mode. Major bitcoin casinos have more than 200 slot games available for players to roll live to deal, which comes with bonuses in bitcoin. Click here to sign up on Royal Panda to enjoy the best live dealer bitcoin casino in India.

Best Bitcoin Slots Machine Software

Microgaming has taken the lead in the best bitcoin slots machine software race. Their slots can be found on every bitcoin casino. If you are serious about finding bitcoin-based slot games, you should look out for Microgaming slots. The features, themes and bonuses in these slot machines are designed for 21st-century bitcoin games

Microgaming is known for a lot of things like game quality and delivery. Hence taking advantage of their best Bitcoin slots machine is a good choice taken by any player. Next time you are looking for the best bitcoin Slots Machines, look for games designed by Microgaming.

Free vs Real Money Bitcoin Slot Games

There is a difference between bitcoin slot games that can be played for free and the ones players need to put real money down before playing. In a table of 5 points, you will see the differences between them. 

Free Bitcoin Slots Games

  • Free bitcoin casino slots games are slot games you play on the demo mode, without any money used.
  • In bitcoin casino free slots all the spins made are counted as free spins, this means that they cannot be used to win real cash or bitcoin.The game balance in free slots is there for showoff, they do not mean anything.
  • Free bitcoin slots are played to have a feel of what the BTC slot is like.
  • Many sites offer Free BTC slot games, most sites that offer the real money BTC slots satisfy willing players curiosity by giving them a feel.

Real Money Bitcoin Slot Games

  • In real money, a player plays the game for real by staking with the bitcoin from their wallet.
  • Real money bitcoin casino slots offer free spins that can be used to play actual games and bring back wins.
  • The game balance in real money bitcoin slot games is the balance each player has in the game for the session they are playing for.
  • Real money is the real deal, the real bitcoin slots.
  • There are a lot of Real money BTC slots on the net that are accessible to players.

How to Claim Bitcoin Bonuses?

Casinos offer different types of bonuses to players on different occasions; it may be a bitcoin slot no deposit bonus, sign up offers, bitcoin slot free spins, reload bonuses and many others. Claiming these bonuses when playing bitcoin slot games may be slightly different, but it is not difficult. In some cases, casinos may give a bonus code; players need to get this code before depositing bitcoin into their wallet on the casino. Entering this code into the required box will automatically remit the bonus into their account or convert it into the currency recognized on the site. 

In other ways, players get in touch with the casinos’ customer support and inform them of their bonuses. They have a way of remitting it into your bitcoin wallet if it is in free BTC bets or other means that are not money. This means maybe a little bit slower than using the bonus code. This is because some customer supports respond very slow due to the number of requests they get daily. There is not much difference between bitcoin bonuses and regular bonuses. The currency in question is the only difference there. In place of, let’s say ₹100 worth of free bets, you will see something like 0.5mBTC. This means you may have to convert this to your currency to know its worth. 

Tips to Winning Bitcoin Slots Online

Playing bitcoin slots games online is not very different from playing regular slots. A player who is familiar with regular online slots can play bitcoin slots, but the knowledge of how bitcoin works is needed.

1) Have a bitcoin wallet

This is the background of everything. You need to have a bitcoin wallet to consider playing bitcoin slots online.

2) Be familiar with Bitcoin as a means of transaction

If possible, try to use bitcoin to deposit other things outside of gambling. This will make you know the worth of each bitcoin and help you avoid unnecessary losses.

3) Have a good knowledge of the game you want to play

If you need to play the game on demo first to try it out, then do so. Anything to give you an idea of the game you are about to play. 

4) Choose your casino wisely

It is one thing to know your onions when playing slot games, the casino you also choose matters. So, it is appropriate to read a bitcoin casino review before playing on any casino. Play your bitcoin slot games at JeetPlay casino to increase your chances of winning. Click here to sign up on JeetPlay for an amazing bitcoin slots game and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bitcoin slots games can I find?

There are many bitcoin slot games you can see on the net. Once you type it in your search box, you will find thousands of bitcoin slot games by different game providers.

Do bitcoin slot games give bonuses?

You can win bonuses on bitcoin slot games.

How can I win a jackpot on a bitcoin slot machine?

Most of the times, slots that offer jackpots are those with a high return to player (RTP), so you need to look out for a bitcoin slot with a high RTP and present jackpot, and you also need to place a high bet to make you eligible. You are most likely going to be lucky to hit a jackpot.

Can I play Bitcoin Slots for free like regular slots?

Yes, Bitcoin slots are also available on the demo mode.


Playing slot games have become even more interesting with bitcoin. Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that has been introduced into the gambling world for both deposit and payments. It became very relevant such that game providers and casinos have introduced it into slot games—an example of such a casino, the 22Bet casino. 22Bet is a bookmaker where players get to play every type of game they so want. Click here to play bitcoin slots at 22Bet by signing up on the site, fund it with bitcoin from your wallet and enjoy your games. There is also a bonus to be won on bitcoin slot games, completing the recipe for a fun-filled gaming experience.