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Online Bitcoin Sports Betting Guide (2022)

It’s no longer news that bitcoin has revolutionized the world of sports betting. Like never before, the cryptocurrency era is opening up mind-blowing opportunities to both Sportsbooks and bettors alike in the industry. 

While players can now wager on different bitcoin sports betting without fear of their personal data being compromised, bookies are enjoying swift transactions and secured bets. Of a truth, bitcoin sports betting is the real thing in this dispensation! Any smart player on the block would know this by now.  

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Bitcoin Sports Betting

Best Bitcoin Sports Bookmakers of 2022

How to Bet on Various Sports Using Bitcoin

Placing your bets with bitcoin is not rocket science, in fact, the process is as simple as ABC. Here’s how to simply go about it;

1) Create a bitcoin wallet

This is the first step you’d have to take. Get a bitcoin wallet as this is where you will store your bitcoin. Should you have any crypto transactions to make, it’s from the wallet that you get to send or receive bitcoin.

2) Choose a bitcoin best sportsbook 

After creating a bitcoin wallet and loading it up with bitcoin, the next thing to do is to choose a sportsbook where you can make your bets. There are numerous bitcoin bookies online with each offering different services, all you have to do is to select the best one among them. Sign up to Betway to enjoy the best offers.

3) Fund the sportsbook account

Except you are interested in the free games and desire no wins, you may not fund your sportsbook account. If you desire to wager and win, you must put some bitcoins in there. On bitcoin bookies, the only acceptable currency is a cryptocurrency which could be bitcoin or any other acceptable cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Lite coin, and so on. So, you have to fund your account. Also, note that some bookies operate a wagering requirement policy that binds you to fund your account else, you will not be able to make withdrawals. 

4) Wager on favorite sport 

There are different kinds of sports available on the bitcoin sportsbook, head to any kind of game that appeals to you or are familiar with. This might be football, golf or even the casino. This is entirely your decision to make. 

5) Win at the games

The main reason why you game on the bitcoin bookie is to win. Therefore, nothing must stop you from doing that so that you can win as many bitcoins as possible.

Why to Choose Safe and Secure Bitcoin Sportsbook?

It’s ideal to be sure that your bitcoin sportsbook is safe and secured. Here are some of the reasons why you have to opt for the very best:

More options to bet on

With the best bitcoin sportsbook, you are sure never to get stranded. There are different kinds of games available for play on these sites. From multiple bet options to live bets and a wide variety of markets, bitcoin bookies are set to thrill you.

Low risk of losing money

Bitcoin is built on blockchain technology which makes it the most secured form of payment. There are bitcoin hackers who are always on the lookout to steal bitcoin from careless players. Placing your bets on anyhow bitcoin bookie without properly conducting Using a secure sportsbook protects you from such hackers.

Quick Payouts

There’s no faster transaction that outruns bitcoin payment. Bitcoin sportsbook guarantees faster payouts of winnings. You can be rest assured that your withdrawals will be processed and reach you as fast as possible. Not only do bitcoin bookies process swift payouts, but your deposits also are sure to reach your account with the speed of light.

Higher standards of accountability

Just like the usual online bookmarkers, bitcoin bookmarkers are run with terms and conditions. There are terms that guide every game which bettors are expected to obey. Violation of these rules may attract account termination or forfeiture of bonuses. For instance, the bitcoin sportsbook does not permit the use of a dual account by a single player. Any player caught in the act is made to face the punishments.

Quality customer service

Why you also should use safe and secure bitcoin bookies is because of the top-notch customer service they offer. Their customer service team is available round the clock to attend to your requests and complaints. The goal is to guarantee your satisfaction in the long term.

Live Bitcoin Sports Betting Guide

Live bitcoin sports betting is similar to the live or in-play betting you are familiar with on the online casino. The only difference is that you’d be staking with bitcoin. 

In-play bitcoin betting basically has to do with punting on the game while it is being played. Usually, as the game progresses, the odds of the game changes as a result of happening in the games. Events such as goals, numbers of goals scored, red-card incidence of a star player, injury and all determine the odds as the game is being played. Here are some tips that will help you get the best out of live bitcoin sports betting; 

  • Study game stats before the commencement of the game. By checking out the stats, you already have an idea about the possible outcome of the games. 
  • Punt with discretion. As you watch the game, the direction of the games becomes possible to predict. This is what should determine your stakes.
  • Avoid being biased or emotional with your bet. The greatest enemy to losing a bet is betting with the heart and not with your head. Placing a bet on live games involves a logical approach. You should not be sentimental about it. When a team is losing, know it’s losing even if it’s your favourite team.

Rules guiding Bitcoin Sports Betting

Ever since its emergence, bitcoin sports betting  has attracted a lot of players who find it interesting, adventurous and exciting. The different games feature different market types that are inexhaustible. It is only left for the player to select what to punt according to his taste and preference. Suffice to say, in the general spectrum, there are different available games for different kinds of players. 

Now, here are some general rules that guides Bitcoin sports betting;

  • The only acceptable currency to wager on any kind of game is cryptocurrency which maybe bitcoin or any other acceptable cryptocurrency such as ethereum. However, for withdrawals, some sportsbooks allow the conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat. 
  • You are not allowed to own more than a single account on the sportsbook
  • Fund your wallet with acceptable cryptocurrency and bet appropriately according to the specific games you desire to play
  • Before wagering on any game, ensure you understand the terms and conditions guiding the game. Some sportsbooks will not allow you to withdraw unless you have met the wagering requirement. 
  • To win big, identify value bets and also follow appropriate tips as offered in this piece of writeup. 

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Popular Sports that Accept Bitcoin Betting

Bitcoin betting is available to all kinds of games you can ever imagine. Here are some of the most popular ones to put your stake on in order to cap winnings in bitcoin;

Bitcoin Cricket Betting

Bitcoin cricket betting

Here, the goal is to win while betting on the game of cricket. The mode of play is similar to what you have on the usual online casino, you’d be staking your bets with bitcoin or other kinds of acceptable cryptocurrency. Either back or lay your favourite team on a cricket game to win bitcoin on the go.

Bitcoin Horse Racing Betting

Bitcoin horse racing betting

Horse race is also a phenomenal sport where you have to bet on a horse’s capacity to win the race. By using bitcoin or any other kind of crypto to wager on your favourite horse, what you’ve done is referred to as bitcoin horse racing betting. Win big by following the trends on the market to know which horse is capable to bring home golden wins.

Bitcoin Football Betting

Bitcoin football betting

The game of all, football is indeed one of the most popular sports in the world. It has the most numbers of punters who are relentlessly committed to wagering on their favourite teams on a daily basis. Add more value to your bet by wagering with bitcoin, the reward is bound to astonish you. One interesting thing about football betting is its large collection of markets. You can bet on the final outcome of the game, the numbers of goals, numbers of corner kicks, half time outcomes and many more. Use bitcoin to get the most wins! Jeetplay is here to thrill you to another level of play. Click here to join now

Bitcoin Hockey Betting

Bitcoin hockey betting

Hockey betting is another sport that has been bitcoin enabled. You can cap a lot of wins by staking bitcoin on the numbers of goals, wagering on the underdog and exploring value bet when you see one. tap into the opportunity provided by bitcoin to win more while staking less by punting on your favourite ice hockey teams.

Bitcoin Cricket Betting

Bitcoin golf betting

Bet on the player you feel will put his ball into all the cups with the least number of strokes to win the round with bitcoin. The opportunities are endless to win on the golf tournament by putting wagering on several golfers who have shown the capacity to deliver, thus, enriching your pocket with bitcoin.

Understanding Bitcoin Sports Betting Odds

To get the best out of bitcoin games, it’s important that you understand the structure of the odds and its workings. Each specific sport type has its peculiar system of odds, so, to understand the odds, follow the steps earmarked below: 

  • Familiarize yourself with the different types of odd markets available on the sports game you want to play. For instance, for the game of football, there are numerous markets to punt on. You can either bet on the final outcome of the game, the numbers of goals scored, the numbers of corner kicks and so on.
  • Learn how to identify value bets so that you can get the best out of your bets and minimize loss at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a safe and secure bitcoin sportsbook?

You should choose a safe and secured bitcoin sportsbook because it will guarantee a quick payout, accountability, the safety of your identity and there’s a low risk of losing money.

How can I bet on sports using bitcoin?

The process is simple; create a bitcoin wallet and fund it; then, choose a secure sportsbook, sign up and fund your account; the next thing to do is to wager on any favourite sport of your choice; then ensure you win.

What popular sports accepts bitcoin betting?

Virtually all sports can be staked on using bitcoin in recent times. However, some of the popular ones include; cricket betting, horse racing, football, hockey, golf and casino.

Can I play my favourite sport games with bitcoin?

Yes, you can wager on your sport games with bitcoin. Ensure you have bitcoin in your wallet, then head on to your sportsbook where you’ll fund your account with bitcoin after which you can now punt on your favourite esport game.

Where can I play bitcoin sports betting?

You can play crypto games at any of our recommended sites. These sites are loaded with varieties of games and in-play options that you can stake on. Click here to sign up now.

Wrap Up

The die is cast and the table is set as bitcoin is set to take sports betting to a different level of excitement. Bitcoin brings out more life in the sports as it fires them up with swift transaction benefit, secured gaming experience, easy and straightforward deposit and payouts, anonymous gaming and freedom from identity and financial thefts. The benefits are top notch and the list is endless as the game continues to gain traction every day.

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