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Bet On Cricket With BTC

Thanks to the development of blockchain technology and the crypto surge, every sporting activity is taking a fresh dimension, thus opening up a bigger window for players to cap more winnings. 

No doubt, Cricket betting with bitcoin is the new wave of the moment. We can tell that those who have tasted it would never stop to ask for a refill of its excitement. This is because the flexibility of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin avail Cricket bettors enormous benefits, some of which would be considered in this article. 

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Bitcoin Cricket Betting

Best Cricket Bitcoin Bookmakers Of 2022

What is Bitcoin Cricket Games?

The game of Cricket has come a long way in the history of sports. Its root dates back to England as far back into the 18th century, where it was played for entertainment. Today, all over the world, the game has grown into a big sensation having fans in the nooks and crannies of all countries of the world. Owing to its huge fan base and the desire of these fans to get the most out of the game, Cricket has grown into one of the biggest gambling sports of all time. 

Let’s not bore you with history and rhetoric – this online Bitcoin betting guide is strictly about betting with Bitcoin on Cricket. Just like our reviews on other bitcoin BTC sports, trust us, we won’t leave a stone unturned. 

The idea of betting on Cricket with bitcoin is not far-fetched. It’s just like the usual bet you place on cricket games. However, the only difference is that this time, rather than betting with your usual money, you would be placing a wager with BTC or any other cryptocurrencies acceptable by the bitcoin sportsbook. If you don’t know, apart from bitcoin, there are several other cryptocurrencies in existence. They include; Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, Ripple, BNB, Litecoin, to mention a few. 

The modalities of cricket bitcoin are the same as playing on the usual online cricket betting. And just like wagering on a BTC casino, accordingly, you’d have to identify the specific cricket game you want to wager on; select the odds that works for you; then, finally, you wager and expect a positive outcome. As mentioned, only the currency you’d be using to stake would be different – bitcoin; and of course, the sportsbook has a bitcoin bookie.

How to bet on Cricket Games With Bitcoin?

How to play cricket bitcoin is easy and seamless. These steps are what you might already be familiar with. However, we will still explain so that you can have a good grasp of the process. So, to bet on cricket with bitcoin, do the following;

Learn about bitcoin

If you are a die-hard cricket bettor, punting with BTC could help you win massively. However, it is always good not to dabble into things you don’t know, as you might end up being frustrated. So, your first port of call would be to learn the basic things about Bitcoin, how to transact with it, its perks and cons, and every other thing worth knowing.

Get a bitcoin wallet

After acquiring the fundamental knowledge about bitcoin, the next step is to obtain a trusted wallet where you can store your bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. You have to be double-sure about the kind of crypto wallet you want to use because there are many sham crypto wallets out there. 

Sign up to a bitcoin bookie

This is another important move. You have to identify a good cricket betting bitcoin sportsbook where you can wager your bets and win without any glitch. There are many bitcoin sportsbooks where you can punt on cricket gambling, even on football BTC betting too. How to go about betting on football is detailed in our soccer betting guide. You should probably lay your hands on that piece too. The process of registering on a cricket bitcoin bookie is simple. To begin cricket bitcoin betting, click here to sign up at Royal Panda now!

Fund your bet account 

After verifying your bitcoin bet account, the next thing would be to fund your bet account with bitcoin. The process is simple; all you have to do is use the deposit option on the bitcoin sportsbook and follow the prompt. Copy your bet account address on your bet account, then paste it into your crypto wallet. Select the required amount and authenticate the transaction with your password. The bitcoin transferred should reflect on your bet account immediately. Contact the support team of your bookies if you run into any problems. How to withdraw winnings from a bitcoin casino is similar to withdrawing from your cricket sportsbook. 

Master your game 

To win, you need to have a good mastery of cricket games and know how to identify value odds. Unlike real money betting, you’d be betting with bitcoin here, so you must know how to wager on possible outcomes. Do not subject your bet decisions to gainsays or a mere hunch. Be objective in your analysis, conduct your research, and you’d be good to go. 

How to register to a bitcoin cricket sportsbook

It’s easy to register on any bitcoin cricket sportsbook. Follow the steps below to get started;

  • Identify a good bitcoin cricket sportsbook
  • Head to the site to sign up. You can use a cricket betting app too
  • Use bitcoin bonus codes, if available, to get bitcoin bonuses and free spins as you sign up 
  • Verify your account either via email verification or ID verification 
  • Fund your bet account 
  • Play as many games as possible

Pros and Cons for Betting on Cricket with bitcoin

Bitcoin comes with a lot of benefits for bettors. Here are some things you stand to gain if you use BTC to wager on your favourite cricket games; 



Anonymous betting


Highly secured


Swift transactions



High volatility rate


Complex to understand

Bitcoin Cricket Betting Odds

Using bitcoin to play is somewhat tricky. This is why you should have a concrete understanding of the available bet types. Here’s a lowdown on some bet you can stake on; 

Match betting 

This is a straightforward kind of bet. You only have to choose any of the three outcomes. You may take sides with a cricket team and punt that they would win or lose or if the game will end in a draw. Underdogs are usually allotted bigger odds because their chance of winning is low. You may identify this and take advantage of it as a value bet.

Completed match 

You can also bet on circumstances beyond the games. For instance, you can bet on if the game will end on that day or if it would be postponed depending on rational reasons. 

Tied match 

To wager on a tie-bet is also simple. All you have to do is choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if a particular match would end in a draw. You need to have undertaken a solid analysis before going for this kind of bet. You also have to be familiar with the cricket teams before coming up with such bet decisions. 

Top bowler

You can also win by wagering on the specific player you feel would make the most wicket in the game. 

Top batsman

This is another type of specific wager on the player you think will score the most goals in the match or better put wagering to determine the highest goal scorer in a cricket match. 

Other bet types include wagering on Top batsman, Bowler Match bet, outright tournament winner, and many more options. 

Cricket Betting Leagues

There are different cricket betting leagues you can punt on. To get the best win from a cricket bitcoin betting tournament, you only have to familiarize yourself with terrain, the cricket teams, and everything worth knowing. Here are some of the most popular cricket leagues in the world; 

a) The Indian Premier League

This league is designated the foremost league in the world because it’s quite popular, and it’s home to some of the renowned cricket legends in the world. The league was established in 2007 by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). 

b) The Australian Big Bash League

This is a league for the pros. It takes second place, coming after the Indian premier league in terms of popularity and creed. It was established by Cricket Australia in 2011. In the list of most attended sports in the world with respect to crowd per match, the Australian big bash league sits at 8th position. 

c) The T20 blast league 

This cricket league is renowned for its thrills and drills. Its first match ever was played in England. It currently has 18 teams playing in the league and has been instrumental in churning out profound young talents and professionals in the cricket sports industry. 

d) Caribbean Premier league 

This league was established in 2013, and ever since, it has been a cynosure of reeling events in the Caribbean. It has 6 cricket teams, and many fans have always attended its sporting events. 

Other leagues include Pakistan Super league played in Pakistan; Ram Slam T20 league played in South Africa; Bangladesh Premier League; Masters Champion League played in the United Arab Emirates.

Strategies for Winning Bets on Cricket using bitcoin

To make the most out of cricket bitcoin betting, you need strategies to play. You should not base your bet decision on any kind of baseless assumptions or subjective bandwagoning. Here are some of the best strategies to employ to win

Punt on specific bets that work for you

Some cricket bettors are good at punting on match outcome, over/under scores, tied match, top bowler, and all. You can stick to a specific game type and use that to your advantage. You know yourself and what you are good at. So, you could use this to win more. No point dilly-dallying on all bet types. To increase your winning odds, stick to specific games type. 

Identify value bets 

Value bets are crucial to winning massively on bitcoin cricket. You need to identify bets favorable to you and punt on them. Value bets increase your chances of winning that of the bookmarker. 

Adopt risk management techniques

Although, you might get lucky and win massively. But, instead of going on a losing spree only to win once in a blue moon, you should adopt risk management techniques that would help you to cap a lot of winnings in both the short and long run. Some risk management techniques you adopt include having a bankroll management technique and being disciplined with your bet. 

 Ignore the big grammar; the bankroll management technique simply means having a particular amount set aside for betting at every point in time. Under no circumstance are you required to bet more than this amount; Also, as a general rule of thumb, you must not wager an amount you cannot afford to lose. Don’t give in to excessive gambling or wager to such an extent that your loss would culminate into bankruptcy or poverty. Gambling was invented mainly for entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bet with BTC on bitcoin cricket games?

It’s easy to bet with BTC on cricket. All you have to do is go by the following steps; learn about bitcoin, get a bitcoin wallet; sign up on a bitcoin cricket sportsbooks; fund your bet account and continue to play.

How do I deposit and withdraw from a bitcoin cricket sportsbook?

It’s easy to deposit and withdraw into your bitcoin cricket sportsbook. All you need for the transaction is your bitcoin wallet. Copy addresses to deposit bitcoin and do likewise to withdraw. It’s seamless.

Can I own two accounts on a cricket bitcoin sportsbook?

No, you cannot own more than a single account on the cricket bitcoin sportsbook. Violating this may result in you forfeiting your bet account.


Bitcoin is revolutionizing sports betting. It would be in your best interest to get into the game too. Rake massive winning by betting on cricket with cryptocurrency and not just real cash. There’s more to bitcoin than cash as the value may increase overnight, thus making you richer.