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Bitcoin Horse Race Betting

A horse race is one of the most common sports in the world that drives the interest of players in the world of gambling. When talking about sports that people are interested in the most, you pick football, cricket, and horse racing. This game itself dates back to a long time in the 1600’s UK. Gamblers put money on a placement involving horses as part of a race. Moving it forward to 2022, there is now what is called bitcoin horse race betting. You can bet on horse race at FUN88 casino, click here to play.  Gamblers who want to bet on a horse race can now do so with bitcoin, a form of digital currency.

Bitcoin Horse Racing Betting

BTC Horse Racing Betting Sites

Bitcoin Horse Race Betting Requirements

There are certain things to take cognizance of if you want to place bets on horse racing. This is because even though you may be familiar with horse race betting, you may not know what to do with crypto horse racing. Take note of the following requirements for horse race betting.

Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet

In online bitcoin casinos betting, you need bitcoins, right? To get bitcoin, you need a cryptocurrency wallet funded with coins. So how do you get a cryptocurrency wallet?

  • You need an API wallet to be configured. This will be used to manage your permissions. You can also get any of the BTC platforms like Binance and create an account.
  • Once your account is successfully created, you need a password that is not shareable with anyone.
  • You also need a private key that gives only you access to your wallet and the funds in it.
  • By now, you will have a wallet address already, you can receive coins from anyone, and you can buy from reliable vendors.
  • To know the state of your wallet, you can try to make transactions.
  • Test it and keep testing. Test these steps by playing at Royal Panda casino.

Find A Reliable Bitcoin Sportsbook

A bitcoin Sportsbook is a betting site where you can use bitcoin or any other type of crypto coin to stake and place bets on your favourite sports. In this situation, you need the best bitcoin sportsbook so that your transactions on such sites are safe. Your wallet address should not be at risk of being exposed nor your keys. 

Types Of Crypto Betting Wallets On Horserace Betting

Cryptocurrency is the umbrella name for all forms of digital currencies in the world, with bitcoin being the flag bearer. Some are downloaded to your phones; some are virtual, some an app on your mobile devices. These currencies are of different types, and these are the ones that can be used to bet on horse racing. 

Mobile Wallets

As the name implies, mobile wallets are those that can be downloaded on your mobile phone, just like an app. They are then utilized straight from your mobile devices, like something you can use on the go. Mobile wallets are easy to use and understand. They can be found on app stores. Binance has a mobile app that is an example of a mobile wallet; other examples include Green Address, BitGo. Mobile wallets do not possess large storage facilities like their counterpart, Desktop Wallets.

Virtual Wallets

This is also a type of wallet used in horse race betting. It is a type of online wallet operated from the cyber cloud. Virtual wallets can be used and accessed anywhere that is internet active. The downside of this wallet is that it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, hacking, and fraud. These loopholes are created as a result of the third party controlling them.

Desktop Wallets

Desktop wallet is a Pc or Laptop wallet. It is used on a computer, and once it is stored on the computer, it can only be accessed there. It is a safe and secure type of wallet but can be prone to virus attacks and sometimes hacking. This can make you lose your funds, so you need to be careful when making transactions. Betway casino is a secure casino you can play your sports game at, click here to register.

Horse Race Betting With Bitcoin Wallets

Placing bets on horse racing betting is one thing; doing it with bitcoin is another. Merging these two will give you what you will be reading in the next few steps. How can you place bets on horse racing with bitcoin?

  1. Find a bitcoin casino: Just like earlier mentioned, the first step to anything bitcoin betting online is finding a casino that does bitcoin betting. It is the same for horse race betting. Find one that accepts bitcoin.
  2. Fund your betting account: After finding and creating an account, you need to put money in that account, right? You do that by making a deposit straight from your bitcoin wallet and minding the value of your coins. Remember that it is different from fiat currency.
  3. Pick A Game: The game, in this case, is horse racing, and horse racing has different races that occur in a day. You have handicap races, claiming races, stakes races, allowance races, maiden races. You need to understand these types of races to know which one you are putting money on. Then pick anyone, sit down and monitor your game. Click here to sign up at Spin Casino to play Bitcoin Horse Race sports.

Why Trust Bitcoin For Online Horse Betting?

Bitcoin is a different payment means away from the traditional currency of different countries. Because of this nature, a player needs to understand why they can trust it for gambling. Here are the benefits of betting with bitcoin

  • Fast Transactions: When you talk about bitcoin betting, you talk of speed. You talk of a swift means of payment. You do not need to wait for anything neither does your transaction need to go through any process, once you sent your coins to your betting site, it is received immediately. The same goes for your withdrawals. Most third-party payment options require that you wait between 24 hours to even five days before you can get your winnings. This is not true for bitcoin. It is faster than any other means of payment.
  • Anonymity: This is almost the most significant advantage of bitcoin. Bitcoin is not a government-regulated currency. It is not monitored by any organization and is devoid of bureaucracy that comes along with such. You cannot possibly be traced to your transactions because every transaction you make, stays anonymous. Your wallet address is not in your name. You will only be given a private key that is for you only. 
  • Bigger Bonuses on Bets: Online betting sites are a bit more generous with bitcoin bettors. You are likely to receive higher bonuses. You can get multiple referrals, deposits, reload, and cashback bonuses. You are likely to get more rewards as a bitcoin user than fiat currencies; you can check the list of bitcoin bonuses on the site to be certain.
  • Devoid of Transaction Errors: Often, hitches happen in the transactions made online; this is due to the processes they have to go through. With the third party being eliminated from bitcoin, it has increased your chances of having a successful transaction. You are less likely to experience failed transactions.

Horse Games To Bet On With Bitcoin

Bitcoin betting is not limited to horse racing. There are other games you can bet on. This is because bitcoin is a means of payment that can be used to pay for any game you want. However, for this purpose, you are going to read about Horse Race, Harness Racing ad Greyhound Racing.

Horse Race

Horse Race

Horse racing betting is the focus, and as explained earlier, it is a type of racing game where horses are the main point of attraction. Stakes are placed on the horse’s placements at the end of the game, and the results are cast to know who won. It is mostly a live bitcoin casino. This is a bitcoin game, and as such, you can bet with bitcoin. Create an account on Jackpot city casino to bet on Horse Race with great odds.

Harness Race

Harness Race

Harness is a type of horse racing betting involving Standardbreds, a breed of horses. The horse pulls the driver, who is in a two-wheeled cart, around. This is one of the common races to come out of Europe, and you can place bets on them weekly using BTC.

Greyhound Race

Greyhound Race

Greyhound racing is also referred to as dog racing, and it involves putting greyhounds together for sports. In this, there is track racing and coursing, both of which are methods of measuring the races. Bettors place bets on these races, and it is also another racing game similar to horseracing.

Betting Types On Horse Racing

Like every other game, there are different types of bets on horse racing, and they will be explained below, do not forget to create an account with FUN88 Casino and play horse racing with bitcoin there. To create an account, simply click here. How to bet on sports vary, depending on the type of sports.

Straight Bets

Straight bets are easy to understand, and they are categorized into 3 types. Win, Place, and Show.

Win bets mean that you are betting on a horse that wins by touching the finishing line first. 

Place bets that you are betting on a horse that finishes either first or second

Show bets give a higher chance. Your placed bet is on a horse to finish first, second, or third.

Exotic Bets

Exotic bets come in two types, vertical and horizontal wagers.

Exotic races are more technical to bet on because they are parlaying races. For example, horizontal exotic wagers can require that you predict a winner of 2 races in a row or pick 3 winners of consecutive races. A pick 5 may require that pick 5 winner of consecutive races. These are done before the game begins. It is a very difficult bet to win, so the payout is big. 

Vertical exotic bets are quite similar to place bets. For exacta, you bet on horses to finish first and second in the order that they will finish. Sign up and create an account on LeoVegas casino to enjoy different types of Horse Race bets, click here to start.

BTC Horse Betting Odds

  • Horse racing odds refer to the returns you should expect when you win your bets or when your horse wins. They may be shown in an er like 7 -2, 8 to 3, 5 to 1, etc.
  • A 7 – 2 means that if you bet with $2, you get $7 back. If you bet with $3, you get $8 back. Calculating the total bets will result in $9 here and $11.
  • Even bet odds appear like 2 – 2, 1 – 1. This means almost the same thing. On a bet of $1, you get $1 back, total bets of $2. 
  • These odds also vary, depending on the type of bets you carry, 

Simple Horse Racing Tips And Strategies To Win

Every game requires certain techniques to win, and horse racing is not left out. Take a look at the following tips and pay attention to horse racing betting strategy.

  1. To pick winners, check the history of each in the race. You can find these in the Daily Racing Form or just browse online to get the past performances of the horses. There are resources online that will help you, and this is the first step to winning.
  2. If you wager on multiple races requiring you to pick winners from two days earlier or pick a 6 wager. You can attempt a pick 6 where you are required to pick 6 winners from consecutive races. Knowing that it is difficult to win, you get to share the pool amongst all near correct bettors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet with Bitcoin on horse race?

Yes, you can use bitcoin on horse racing, provided the sportsbook you picked is a bitcoin sportsbook. Make sure that it offers horse race and accepts bitcoin.

Is it advisable to go for exotic bets as a beginner?

No, it is not advisable to start with exotic bets as a beginner. This is because they are a bit difficult to win. Beginners on horse race betting can start with straight bets.

Are there still Greyhound Racing?

Yes, Greyhound racing (dog racing) is still existing.

Are bitcoin transactions slow?

No, bitcoin transactions are the fastest means in the world right now. They travel like lightning.

Can I use crypto wallets on my mobile device?

You can. That is what mobile wallets are available for so that you can access them on your phone. They are downloadable via app stores.


Horse Race betting with bitcoin is one game that is very interesting and active to play. The involvement of bitcoin makes it faster and easier. There are different ways by which this game can be played, and there are short tips to winning also. Do not forget that the basic step to all these is to have a crypto wallet and fund it. You should start your horse race betting journey from straight bets, like starting from simple to complex, so that you can minimize losses till you are more familiar. In bitcoin horse race betting, bettors are in for a nice time. Play your horse race games at Jeetplay Casino, just click here.