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Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

Bitcoin has become a new sensation in the world of gambling. Well, not only in gambling but in every field that requires and involves monetary transactions. Bitcoin casinos are in this category. With bitcoin casinos, you can gamble, make payments, place your bets, withdraw them, enjoy free bonuses and spins, VIP programs, promotions with bitcoin. You do not have to worry about fiat money or policies surrounding its use. 

So in this BTC casino reviewthe following questions will be answered, how do Bitcoin Casino Free Spins work? How can you get them, and which casinos offer them?. All these and more will be explained in a few and simple paragraphs. Fun88 Casino is a bitcoin casino that you can play games at. To sign up, click here.

Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

Best Bitcoin Casinos With Free Spins

What is Bitcoin Free spins?

Remember, Bitcoin is a digital currency used to store money, make payments and withdraw money more simply and securely. It can be used to store and hold large amounts of money without no tracing the owner. This development is a fantastic one, and online casinos have followed suit. This makes one ask the question, what are bitcoin-free spins?

Free spins are the offers online casinos give, which allows players to play games for free online. Free spins mean that players can get additional spins for free. You know what spins are for, right?. They can come in the form of bonuses or promotions and can also be given as a welcome bonus, as a reward of loyalty, or even for loyalty programs. You can find free spins on casinos without any deposit or wagering requirements. However, some casinos require that you register on the site, make your first deposit as a sign of commitment, and meet a wagering level – like 6x-before using the free spin offer.  

Added to free spins are wagering requirements, which will be discussed subsequently. There is also what is known as Terms and Conditions, which are the requirements that need to be met before promotions can be won. Some different terms and conditions are dependent on the type of offer and the site. Therefore this clause means that you must have read the T&C, agree with it before taking advantage of free spins or any other promotional offers. Terms and conditions range from betting limits, bet amounts, and wagering requirements.

Free spins offer vary; however, online casinos are a bit more generous with bitcoin users than regular fiat users. Therefore, Bitcoin free spins players may be lucky to get from 10 to 100 of it at different online casinos. In this case, welcome free spin bonuses are usually between 25 and 80 free spins. To sign up at Royal Panda, click here.

Types of Free Spin Bonus At A Bitcoin Casino

Did you notice that there are different ways by which free spins are given to online slot players? That is because different types are available for bitcoin casino users. 

Have a look at some of them. Don’t forget to create an account on JackpotCity casino to enjoy free spins. Here’s a list of bitcoin bonuses

Bitcoin Casino Deposit Bonus Free Spins

This is a type of free spin bonus that can be found on bitcoin casinos. Players are requested to make an initial commitment in the form of depositing into a registered casino account before they can get free spins, like a welcome bonus. You can’t use a deposit bonus free spins without having made an initial deposit. This is usually done to get new users to the site and make sure they’re playing at the site. It is in line with welcome bonuses. 

Bitcoin Casino Free Spins No deposit

This is the opposite of deposit bonuses free spins. There is no requirement to make any deposit before accessing this free spin. All you need is a registered account, a complete freebie bonus. However, casino operators are wise, and hard to meet wagering requirements are usually attached to this. So sometimes small deposits are also required. Nonetheless, this is the easiest kind of BTC lottery free spins you can find around. 

Bitcoin Casino Promotions Spins

Generally, Casino Promotions are those offers that are constant on online casinos but vary. Some of them are for specific days, some for specific types of games alone. You can find something like “Daily deals, Tuesday bash offer, Thursday night free spins’ ‘. Some promotional offers can only be gotten if you are a regular user of a site because they are not left on the site interface but are given once you log in. So, promotional spins are part of the promotions usually given to players.

Bitcoin Casino VIP Programs 

VIP Programs are a special place in online casinos reserved for loyal players, for those whose stakes very high. They consist of very impressive offers and promotions that run from time to time. Sometimes weekly, monthly. The VIP offers are for high rollers, and they usually require high wager overtime to enjoy. There are Bitcoin Casinos for special events, tournaments, and Bitcoin VIP invites with huge winning potentials. All these can be enjoyed when you are a casino VIP holder. 

Bitcoin Casino No Wager Requirement Free Spins 

For the No Wager free spin bonus, this is the truest of free spins you can find on any casino. You do not need any wager level to claim your free spins. All you need to do is use them, and this is why it is the least common kind of free spins. Most casinos will always have wager conditions, maybe only in VIP Programs. You’re going to see something like “you must wager 10x or even 8x” while depositing some amount of money. Truth is, most wagering requirements come with deposit requirements too. Create an account at 22Bet casino to enjoy some no-wager-free spins. 

How to claim Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

Claiming a free spin bonus requires a few steps that will be analysed below. 

  1. Sign up on a Bitcoin Casino: Creating an account with a casino that uses bitcoin is the first step in the free spin bonus category. To sign up, you only need to give some personal details, a valid phone number, a strong password, and that’s it. It is free to register at bitcoin casino sites. 
  2. Check out the free spins available: Information about free spins and other types of bonuses available are usually the first things you’ll come across on a casino site. However, if you didn’t find any, you need to check the bonuses and promotions section for the available ones. Most times, you will find free spins amongst the bonuses. Leo Vegas Casino offers free spins to new players when you sign up, click here to sign up.
  3. Read terms and conditions: Terms and conditions are those requirements and regulations attached to bonuses such as free spins. Reading T&C’s will save you a lot of stress when looking out for free spins. Such as if you’re qualified for the bonuses available and what you need to do to get them, i.e., wagering requirements

When you click a casino bonus button, it’ll redirect you to another place where you can input a code. The activation code will be entered to activate the bonus. 

Top Bitcoin Casinos That Offer Free Spins

Do you want to know about bitcoin Casinos that give free spins to customers? Well, there are a number of them online, but we’re bringing to you the top 8 bitcoin Casinos you will ever find. 

Tips For Choosing The Best Bitcoin Free Spins

In every deal of life, there are usually techniques that can help one win faster and put someone through easily. It’s the same for Bitcoin Casino Free spins; some tips can help one choose the best bitcoin casinos that offer free spins bonus, which will be elaborated in a few points below. Don’t forget to create an account at a Spin Casino to enjoy bitcoin casino games. 

  1. Understand the wagering requirements: Wagering requirements are those levels that’ll determine how hard or how easy winning a game is. If you come across 8x up till 20x, know that it is a game to give a try, should it be more than 30x, it’ll be much more difficult and almost impossible to win? 
  2. Go through value and maximum winnings: Most of the time, casinos leave maximum bitcasino free spin that can be won on a casino. In general, they leave maximum winnings. This is just a strategy to maximize their losses. You may come across something like “50 spins max”. Generally, you need to be careful of sites that have very strict winning requirements. There would be risks to take, but it should be average.
  3. Check the time constraints: Some free bitcoin spin and win bonuses are given for a special period. It may be during a particular day of the week or a time set. Upon getting free spins, casinos also set periods for them to be used. Most of them set 7 days. So, you must have used your free spin on or before the 7th day. Few casinos are more generous by leaving 30 days anyway, but you can’t use the free spins anymore after the expiry date.  
  4. Play The Right Games: There are free spin and win bitcoin bonuses that are only available for some games. If the casino, for example, is giving 50 free spins on Book of the Dead, esports betting, Mega Moolah, or Valley of Gods, dice, you have to play these games to be eligible for the free spins. If you go for another game, there’s no way you’re getting the free spins. This type of bitcoin casino free spin is usually listed in the promotions section of the casino.
  5. Go for a trustworthy casino: Some casinos exist only to cheat innocent players. Some casinos are also set out for fraud. You need to be very careful when choosing your bitcoin casino. Make sure it is a registered casino and licensed to operate and run as a real money casino. You can check this out by looking for its licensing number and licensing company. Companies like Malta Gaming come to mind. Also, read reviews about the different casinos from players, most of the questions you might have will be answered there. Betway Casino is one casino you can trust. To sign up at Betway casino, all you have to do is click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bitcoin Casinos Common?

Bitcoin casinos are everywhere on the net. It is like a new tingling sensation.

Are Free Spins Truly Free at online casinos?

Well, taking away wagering requirements, depositing requirements, terms and conditions, free spins are free. However, one can hardly find any strings attached to free spin bonuses at casinos, so it's most likely not free.

What are free spin welcome bonuses?

These are the free spins given to new players for registering and signing up on a particular site. That is why it is termed welcome bonuses.

Can free spins be used to win real money?

Yes, free spins can be used to win real money. If you follow all the right instructions, you may be lucky enough to win some real money.


Bitcoin casinos are the hottest addition to the world of gaming, and it’s been an option that players look out for. This is because of the fast rise of technology in today’s world. Bitcoin casinos can be found online, and we have also recommended the top 20 you can ever come across. The different types of free spins have also been mentioned and expatiate for you to recognise them anytime you’re using an online casino. Don’t forget to follow the tips mentioned, as it will not only help you in choosing bitcoin casinos but also tow you on a path to winning your free spins. Sign up to play your games at Jeetplay casino