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Bitcoin Baseball Betting Guide

MLB is rated the most profitable sport for sports betting because the MLB features more games than any other league in the world, thereby giving gamblers more games to bet on. However, MLB Baseball bets are not so straightforward as football bets. To bet on baseball requires you to consider a number of factors, including the pitcher, the team, and even the weather. Moreover, things can get more complicated with bitcoin baseball betting. This MLB Bitcoin Betting Guide shall be enlightening you on the nitty-gritty of bets with bitcoin on baseball. Click here to sign up on Fun88 to enjoy the best bitcoin baseball betting.

Bitcoin Baseball Betting Guide

Bet On Baseball Game With Best Bitoicn Bookies

How To Bet On Baseball With Bitcoin?

Betting onBaseball with Bitcoin is not impossible to understand if you are able to follow these steps carefully:

  • Create a Bitcoin Wallet Account: Before you canbet on baseball with bitcoin, you need to have a Bitcoin account. You can create a bitcoin wallet account with any of the many Bitcoin wallet providers available on the net. Bitcoin wallets are usually available on mobile applications, tablets, PC and even via a Web browser. However, before you get a bitcoin wallet or even begin to fund the wallet with bitcoin, it is necessary that you do due diligence to know and understand the basics of Bitcoin and how it works. 
  • Find a reliable online bitcoin casino: Online gambling with Bitcoin is not a new thing in the world we have today. As a result, it is not difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy BTC casino amongst the plethora of online bitcoin betting sites operating on the net. However, in your search for a reliable BTC casino, there are certain things you need to look out for. The online bitcoin casino should have a huge variety of available sports and sporting leagues, e.g., the MLB, to bet on. The games should be offered with a wide range of betting options and good betting odds. You can also check that the sportsbook also offers live bitcoin betting powered by quality Bitcoin gaming softwareand supported by automatic and speedy payouts. 
  • Open a Bitcoin casino account: Generally, online baseball betting sites will always require you to register an account with them in order to play bitcoin baseball betting. You can open an account with any regular online BTC casino by simply going to the casino site; click sign up; submit the required personal details; complete the verification process, if any; accept their users’ agreement and privacy policy, and complete your registration. Click here now to open a bitcoin casino account with 22Bet.
  • Choose Bitcoin option to bet on baseball: Generally, once you open a bitcoin casino account, you will be required by the casino to make a minimum required deposit in order to claim the casino bonuses, e.g., No deposit bonus. A good bitcoin baseball betting site allows you to deposit, play and win baseball bets using Bitcoin currency in a seamless manner. You can choose the bitcoin payment option to bet on baseball by heading over to the cashier section on your casino account and choosing Bitcoin among the list of available payment options. Then, you may either link your Bitcoin wallet account with your Bitcoin online casino account for automatic payouts or manually input your Bitcoin wallet address at every withdrawal request. Once you have done this, you can get started betting with Bitcoin on your favouriteBaseball leagues, including the MLB. 

Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin Baseball Betting

There are highs and lows to betting on baseball with bitcoin, and these are explained as follows:



Speedy deposits and withdrawals


Promotes customer Privacy


Offers the best odds and payouts


Transactions are conducted at reduced costs


Transactions are safe and secure



Bitcoin is volatile


There are not many Bitcoin casinos


May require technical know-how

Bet Using Bitcoin On different Baseball Leagues

Baseball is a global sport universally played around the world, especially in America, Europe, and Asia. As a result, the Baseball betting industry is as global and lucrative as the Baseball sporting industry itself. Here are a few of the popular Baseball leagues around the world.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

This is the most dominant league in the world of baseball, and it is played in the United States of America. The league comprises 30 teams divided into two leagues; 16 teams in the National League and 14 teams in the American League. The leagues are played in three divisions of the country; East, West, and Central. The MLB features a total of 162 games played from April all through to September/October every year. After the league is a series of play-offs played in cities across the US and Canada. The play-offs add up to the World Series played by Champions of both the American League and the National League to determine the overall champion of the MLB. 

Major League Baseball (MLB)
Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

This is the Japanese Professional Baseball league which was established in 1950. The league features 12 teams divided into two leagues; the Pacific League and the Central League. Champions of both Leagues compete against each other every year in the Japan Series to determine the overall champion of the NPB. Click here now to register on Spin Casino for the best of Bitcoin NPB Betting.

Korean Baseball League

Officially, the Baseball League in the Republic of South Korea is called Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League. It was established in 1982, and it features 10 professional baseball teams, each playing 144 games in a single season and each other team 16 times. In every mid-season, usually July, the baseball teams compete in the KBO All-Star Game while divided into two teams. Also, at the end of the league season, the KBO Korean Series participated in by only the top 5 teams of the KBO League. Click here now to sign up on Royal Panda for the best of Bitcoin KBO Betting.

Korean Baseball League
Dominican Republic Baseball League

Dominican Republic Baseball League

The global presence of the Dominican Republic lies mostly in its baseball league. The Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League, otherwise called LIDOM, was established in 1951 and is played during winter by six teams scattered across the Dominican Republic. The league begins with each of the 10 teams playing 50 games from October to December, and then progresses to another round of 18 games played by each of the top four teams emerging from the previous stage from December to January. The top two teams of this round compete in a best-of-nine series to determine the overall winner of the Dominican Republic Baseball League Title. The league champion represents the country in the Caribbean Series participated in by Champions from countries such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Cuba. 

Types Of MLB Baseball Bets

Bitcoin Baseball betting is not as straightforward as you would find cricket betting in a cricket betting guide. Thus, you need to know the different types of bitcoin bets you can play on the MLB. Here are the popular types:

  1. MONEY LINES: This is the most popular bitcoin baseball bet. It means you are betting on which team will emerge winner of the game.
  2. TOTALS (OVER/UNDER): This means you can predict how many combined runs the two teams in the game will score. Usually, the bitcoin sportsbook sets a particular number of odds, and all you have to do is bet whether the combined runs scored by both teams will be over or under the set odds. E.g., Over 8.5/ Under 8.5.
  3. RUN LINES: This means you predict that one team will win over the other by a certain number of runs. For example, Handicap (2) means that your chosen team will win the opponent by 2 runs.
  4. FUTURES: This means you are making future predictions, such as which team will win the divisional league or the world series. You can play this bet before or during the season, and the odds change the closer you get to the end of the competition. Under Futures bets, you can also predict how many wins or losses a particular team will have at the end of the MLB season.
  5. PARLAYS: This is when you combine run line, money line, and total bets together to win higher payouts. This type of bet is, however, notable for having higher risks. Parlays are the best play during the weekends. Multiple MLB games are being played at a time. 
  6. FIRST FIVE INNINGS: To place this bet, you need a great starting pitcher and a favourable match. However, uncertainties are unavoidable as your so-called great starting pitcher maybe not be lined up as the starting pitcher for the game or even be having a very bad day. Nevertheless, you can bet on the possible score at the end of 5 innings. Whether your bet wins or loses is irrespective of the final score.
  7. GRAND SALAMI: This is the broadest bitcoin bet you can make on the MLB games. It is an expanded version of a Total bet whereby you are not only predicting the total combined runs of an individual game but rather, you are predicting the total combined runs of every individual team playing every game on that night or weekend. It is basically a shot at the dark with the highest risk of loss. 

Bitcoin Baseball Betting Tips

Here are few tips on things to watch out for a while betting on Baseball with Bitcoin currency:

  • You need to have a dominant starting pitcher. Also, observe the form of the starting pitcher in the past few games to know how much reliance you can place on him in placing your bets on the current game. You can know who a team’s starting pitcher will be for a game ahead of time through the sportsbooks.
  • Pay attention to the weather conditions of the game. It is not a new thing that the outcome of a baseball game can be determined by the wind. Thus, it is advisable for you to pay close attention to the weather forecasts of the baseball games’ time. There reliable internet sources which give accurate and detailed weather forecasts for every MLB match day.
  • Another minor but not insignificant factor to consider in placing your bitcoin bets on baseball is the scheduling of the team. Generally, especially in the MLB, baseball players always travel around the country for games. As a result, factors like jet lag and fatigue have sometimes affected their performance in games. Thus, you do not want to place so much reliance on a team that has been on the road for 2-3 nights to give you their best performance in the game. 
  • Follow the form of the team. Some teams perform better at home than on the road, and some teams have performed better in their day games than in their night games. You may need to pay attention to this before using your bitcoin to place a money line bet on a team. 

Live Bitcoin Baseball Betting

Betting with bitcoin before a baseball game is exciting, but placing bitcoin bets on a baseball game live has a unique thrill to it. Live baseball betting with Bitcoin is a fun and challenging package of fluctuating odds, unstable outcomes, a wide range of possibilities, and many more. You can play live baseball betting with bitcoin in the live section of the online bitcoin casino or sportsbook, which usually allows you to adjust and modify your bets as the game progresses. Gamblers who play live baseball bitcoin bets always look forward to the 18 innings changes whereby the teams are taking some minutes break without play. This is because they take advantage of these breaks to analyse the state of the game in the light of the odds, weather conditions, and trend of the game to make a bet on the next possible outcome. Live baseball betting sites usually allow you to change your pre-game bets to a new live bet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bitcoin betting on MLB games Legal?

Yes, it is. In fact, beyond online bitcoin casinos in the US, there are some land-based casinos in the US whereby MLB bitcoin betting is played. E.g., Oregon, Nevada, Montana, etc.

Are there benefits to betting on baseball with Bitcoin?

Yes, there are. These benefits include safe and secure gambling, anonymous betting, privacy, speedy transactions, great odds, and bonuses.

Asides from the MLB, what other major baseball leagues are there?

Other popular baseball leagues in the world include the Nippon Professional Baseball League in Japan, the KBO League in South Korea, and the Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League.


No doubt, baseball is a fun and profitable sport to bet on, but it gets more exciting when you are betting with Bitcoin, given the attendant benefits of bitcoin gambling. Bitcoin betting on baseball is not so straightforward until you know how to use bitcoin to bet, the types of baseball bets you can make with bitcoin, and certain things to look out for before placing your bets. All these have been explained in detail in this guide. Have fun betting on your favourite baseball leagues, teams, and players. Click here to sign up on Fun88 to enjoy the best bitcoin baseball betting.