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Bitcoin Hockey Betting: Place bets online on NHL

Bitcoin Hockey Betting is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the online gaming industry. The swift popularity of crypto has greatly impacted the industry-leading to the increase in the number of online bookmakers offering odds in BTC. Hockey betting has been in vogue for a while now. It is very popular in the United States of America, Russia, Canada, and the Nordic countries. Hockey betting with bitcoin is legitimate in many countries. However, the laws regulating the industry may vary from country to country. For instance, in IndiaBTC hockey betting is prevalent and comes with numerous benefits. Visit Fun88 now to enjoy the best ice hockey betting.

Bitcoin Hockey Betting guide

Bet On Hockey Game With Best Bitoicn Bookies

How to Bet on NHL (Hockey) with Bitcoin

There is no difference between real money hockey betting and crypto hockey betting. Only that you are required to use cryptocurrency for BTC hockey betting. Therefore, to begin your gaming adventure, you must first get a reliable sportsbook to play at. Owning a crypto wallet is also necessary. In this guide to bitcoin sports, we will be taking you through the steps of gambling using bitcoin.

Get a reliable and trustworthy bitcoin casino

New BTC casinos spring up every year, adding to the uncountable number of bookies we have in the online gaming world. This has posed lots of problems to punters because it is challenging to differentiate reliable sportsbooks from fraudulent ones. So getting a reliable bookmaker with whom you can entrust your money is the first step to betting with bitcoin. Also, get familiar with the hockey bet lines.

How do you ensure that you are betting at a reputable site? Read reviews about the site, do your research, ensure that such a site is regulated by a respected gaming authority, check the payment options and ask for recommendations from family and friends. One bookmaker that can be vouched for is 22Bet. Click here to join now.

Ensure that there are no restrictions

After getting a reputable bookmaker for BTC hockey betting, you must ensure that such bookies have no restrictions regarding your country or state of residence. Many gambling sites place restrictions on players from some states, so you need to read the terms and conditions of the bookie to ensure that your state is not among the restricted countries. Otherwise, you won’t be able to place a bet.

Own a Crypto Wallet

The next step is to sign up for a crypto wallet. This wallet is needed for all your transactions on the betting site. You can use it to fund your casino wallet or withdraw winnings. Thus, you must decide what you need the crypto for and where to use it. You can afterward select one of the numerous wallets that befit your aim.

There are numerous types of cryptocurrency wallets to select from. This ranges from online bitcoin wallets to hardware, PC and mobile. Almost all wallets are multi-platform. You will find them on all operating systems. They are seamlessly optimized and synchronized to work on all platforms. The popular wallets used for ice hockey betting are the cold and hot wallets.

Signup at your favourite bookmaker

After deciding on the bookmaker to use for ice hockey betting, the next step is signing up. All bitcoin best sportsbooks have similar registration patterns. Visit the casino site, click on the ‘signup button at the top right corner of the site. This redirects you to a personal information page where you will be required to input your details, including your name, address, username, email, and country. However, this process may be slightly different in some casinos. Signup at LeoVegas for a seamless registration.

(NHL) Hockey Bitcoin Betting Rules 

Not everyone knows this, but the NHL betting market has several unspoken or unwritten rules. The NHL betting rules are different from other bitcoin hockey gamings like floorball, floor hockey, and ball hockey. But if you do ice hockey betting, these NHL bitcoin rules can serve the same purpose.

Official Game

The home side is always on the left side, while the away team plays from the right if it’s a neutral ground. For gambling purposes, the official game lasts for 55 minutes unless the match is interrupted.

Overtime and Shootout

Like bitcoin football betting, overtime (extra time), including follow-up shootout, matters in the betting markets except if the bookmaker does not offer specific bet types. Markets that do not allow overtime evaluation include 65-minute markets, period markets, 3-way bet, and handicap betting. First team to score and include overtime but not shootouts.

Abandoned and Postponed Matches

When a match is redirected to another pitch, postponed or abandoned, sportsbooks usually refund all bets. The bets are deemed void. However, some bookies continue the bet for abandoned games that are continued the same day.

NHL Team Overview

In ice hockey betting, the NHL (National Hockey League) reigns supreme. As the best league globally, it is home to the best players in the world. It’s a league with impact. One that every young ice hockey player wants to play in. Yes, there are many other popular leagues worldwide, but nothing compares to the NHL. The teams, players, atmosphere, and experience are different. We will be looking at the best NHL teams below.

Dabang Mumbai H.C

Dabang Mumbai H.C

This team, also known as DBM, is the top hockey team in Mumbai, India. It plays in the HIL (Hero Hockey India League.

Delhi Waveriders

Delhi Waveriders

Delhi Waveriders is a hockey franchise in Delhi. The DLW is one of the most popular teams in the league. Its attacking flair has made it an exciting team, and bettors look forward to staking on them. Bet on DLW at JackpotCity now.

Jaypee Punjab Warriors

Jaypee Punjab Warriors

Popularly known as PJW. This hockey team is based in Jalandhar, Punjab. It is one of the teams with the most fans. It is owned by the Jaypee Group.

Kalinga Lancer

Kalinga Lancer

Kalinga Lancer is owned by Mahanadi Coalfield Limited and Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation. It is a top team to bet on in the league.

Ranchi Rays

Ranchi Rays

Ranchi Ray is the team to beat in the League. The fanbase of this team has made it a top rival for other teams.

Uttar Pradesh Wizards

Uttar Pradesh Wizards

Like their name, this team is the wizard of the league. They have mastered the art of upsetting favourites and have gone on to win significant matches. Bettors bet on them mostly as underdogs, and they've gone on to make a name for themselves. Click here now to bet on UPW at Royal Panda.

Most Common Hockey Betting Bet Types

Bettors who bet on football should be very familiar with ice hockey betting using bitcoin. This is because both are low-scoring sports whose outcome may sometimes be decided by a lone goal. So, the hockey betting formula is quite similar to that of football. You can bet on hockey using the following bet types:  

  1. Puck Line: Puck lines are +1.5 or -1.5 goal bets. It’s a bet on whether a team will lose or win by two or more goals. Because many ice hockey games are close encounters, it is best to bet on the -1.5 puck line. This usually returns more than your wager.
  2. Moneyline Bets: The moneyline bet is all about choosing the winner of the match. You can either bet on the favourite or underdog. Although betting on the favourite may look good on paper, you’ll have to risk more to win lower. Betting on an underdog that wins outrightly is the real deal. You can earn as much as ₹275 from ₹100.
  3. Totals: This means that you are placing your bet on both team’s goalkeepers. In other words, you are betting on the number of goals that will be scored by both teams, whether it will be under or over a set number.
  4. Point Spread: The point spread bet has very high payouts. Bookmakers offer this bet type to give the teams an equal chance of winning the match. The favourite team is displayed with the minus (-) sign, while the underdog is displayed with the (+) sign.
  5. Grand Salami: The grand salami comes into play when you want to bet on every game without risking money on each. With this bet, you can choose a single number to determine the total number of goals that will be scored in all matches of the night.
  6. Parlays: The most exciting point about online hockey betting is that there are many games to bet on every week. Totals, moneylines, and puck lines can all be parlayed together to boost your bankroll. 

NHL Live Bitcoin Betting

Hockey doesn’t have many breaks in play and stoppages as other sports. However, within the 2 seventeen-minute intermissions and 2 two-minute timeouts, you can compare the odds, collect your thoughts and place your bet. NHL live bitcoin betting means that the sportsbook allows you to place bets during gameplay. In this circumstance, odds usually change depending on the process of the game. Live betting can also be referred to as mobile bitcoin betting because this is a bet that you place via your phone for convenience. Use the mobile app of Betway to place your live bitcoin betting now.

Why Bet on Hockey With Bitcoin?

  1. Speedy Deposits and Withdrawals: One factor that punters consider when betting with bitcoin is speed. Once you set up your crypto wallet and purchased the bitcoin units from a crypto exchange, the next step is to deposit your bitcoin into your betting account. This is quite faster than all other payment options. Withdrawals are also quicker. The speed of bitcoin transactions is lightning fast.
  2. Get rewarding bonuses for using bitcoin to wager: Bonuses make gambling fun. It adds to the excitement by giving you more funds to play with. The bonus comes in different forms deposit match, referral, and signup. But when you play at BTC casinos, you’ll be rewarded with unique bonuses like the crypto reload bonus, crypto welcome bonus, and so on.
  3. Protection from price volatility: When you fund your betting account with bitcoin, it magically turns into Rupees. This protects you from bitcoin’s price volatility. Bitcoin is a decentralized money system with fluctuating values, which is a cause for concern for many people. However, bettors are safe as their bitcoin is automatically converted to rupees.

History of NHL Betting

NHL is one league that has always embraced sports betting. Even when other sports found it challenging to allow betting, NHL always had one leg in the pool to test the waters. Thus, in recent years, wagering on NHL matches has increased significantly.

With NHL betting, fans had another excellent way of participating and getting involved in the game. The more the involvement, the more excited they are to watch the games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place a bitcoin hockey bet?

To place bitcoin hockey bets, you need to set up a crypto wallet account to keep your bitcoins. Then search for a reliable sportsbook that offers BTC hockey bets, signup at such sportsbook. After signing up, locate the casino's cashier page, click on deposit using bitcoin. Fund your betting account from the crypto wallet and wager with your bitcoin.

Do all bitcoin sportsbooks offer hockey bets?

Most betting sites offer hockey bets. Hockey is a very popular sport with a large fan base, so it is rare to come across a bitcoin sportsbook that doesn't accept hockey bets.

Does bitcoin hockey betting have a winning formula?

There are several betting formulas for winning bitcoin hockey bets. This includes the puck line, money line, parlays, etc.


Bitcoin has revolutionized how we do things, especially how we bet on sport. It is the gateway to an entirely new way of wagering on sports. One sport that has significantly benefitted from the advent of BTC betting is hockey. When you bet on hockey with bitcoin, your transactions are not visible to the central bank. It guarantees anonymity and lots of additional perks like unique promotions and bonuses. Don’t sleep on it, place your bitcoin bets at Jeetplay now.