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Best Litecoin Casinos In India 2022 - Guide & Games

Litecoin is like a ‘crypto creation’ birthed by bitcoin. The main difference is that Litcoin has accelerated transaction confirmation times for buyers and sellers.

Are you trying to play online casinos with litecoin? We know where you can start buying litecoin and other cryptos for gambling. Keep on reading this article if you are interested in all the benefits that litecoin has to offer.

You won’t believe how easy it is to play with litecoin in Indian casinos. The crypto fan base is spreading like fire for several reasons. Above all, the anonymity of the transactions makes everything extra safe.

When you hear crypto, most people think of bitcoin. But there are more than 50+ cryptos you could buy today. The decentralized way of payment is perfect for people who seek seamless gaming experiences.

However, in this guide, we are talking about playing, winning and withdrawing at casinos using Litecoin.


How to buy litecoin

Best Indian Litecoin Casino Sites 2022

Steps Of Buying Litecoins For Online Casinos

Top Litecoin casinos in India are capable of handling crypto payments. But before we start playing, you must buy the litecoin to deposit into your casino of choice.

You need a wallet address:

Your litecoin wallet address is a form of digital address comprising numbers and letters that you can use to send or receive transactions. You can take it like a bank account or email address.  Don’t worry, the litecoin address does not pose any risk to security and you can share it with sellers. It is what you will give the casino, whenever you want to withdraw wins.

The addresses are designed using hashing algorithms which add encryption for advanced security. No one but you can spend the funds in that wallet address unless you give them the password to the address.

Step 1: Visit a crypto exchange website

The crypto market ‘bust’ like an intense game of  bitcoin casino blackjack . Therefore, you can expect an increase in crypto operators. That is why you need to choose a trusted exchange platform where you can buy or sell your litecoins. Know what you need from a platform.

Step 2: Create an account at the litecoin exchange platform in India

Registering a litecoin account is a seamless thing if you are doing it at a trusted site. You might be required to input personal details like name, email or password. Store your passwords safely.

Step 3: Complete verification

Verification is just a way of maximizing security on exchange platforms. As a verified user, you can buy Litecoin with other cryptocurrency. You will just submit your name, dob or phone number. If you wish to use FIAT currency identification copies might be needed due to bank policies.

The entire process is simple and fast and you will be buying litecoin for gambling in no time.

Step 4: Deposit crypto or FIAT

If you want to deposit crypto, create a deposit address and send the funds to this address. Funding your account with FIAT is easy using domestic wires, SEPA and SWIFT. The options available might change depending on your location.

Step 5: Buy litecoin to use on your casino games!

As soon as your funds are deposited in your account, you are free to buy litecoin and other cryptos. The exchange platform should offer extra tools and reliable customer support.

How to make litecoin deposits to Indian casinos

You now have the litecoin funds in your wallet address. The next thing to do is start playing but before you do, you must deposit into your casino account.

Step 1: Get a top litecoin casino in India

Sign up and register at an Indian casino that accepts litecoin deposits, wins and payouts. Make certain that the casino is licensed, well-designed and user-friendly. The casino needs to be mobile compatible so that you can play from your tablets & mobile casino games 

Tip: Litecoin has a larger volume than bitcoin. This means there are more litecoins than bitcoins. 

Step 2: Send litecoins into your online casino account

Head over to your casino, click on ‘DEPOSIT’ and choose litecoin as your mode of payment. The casino will expose an address where you can send the litecoins from your wallet.

Tip: Most Indian litecoin casinos offer bonuses on deposits. Therefore, check to see if the casino has a promotion that you can take advantage of.

Step 3: Explore casino games, play, have fun and win!

Here is the moment everyone has been waiting for. It is time to go on an adventure playing thousands of casino games. Do you prefer spinning bitcoin casino slots ? Maybe you prefer a classic game of Bollywood roulette. Whatever your favourite game, this is your chance to play and win.

Tip: Maintain a bet management strategy to protect your interests. The martingale system (doubling bet after a loss ) is a no-go zone.

Step 4: Get your litecoin payout!

So, you can’t wait to get your hands on those wins. Don’t worry – litecoin payouts are as fast as deposits. Look for the ‘PAYOUT’ or ‘WITHDRAWAL’ buttons on your casino. The wins will be deducted from your bankroll account and deposited into your wallet address in no time.

Tip: Litecoin transfers and withdrawals are faster than bitcoin.


Pros of Using Litecoin To Play At Indian Online Casinos

Here are all the advantages you get from using litecoin to gamble and play casino games.

Anonymous gambling

Your data will neither be saved nor revealed to anyone. Such transfers only need the unique wallet address.

Faster transactions

While traditional FIAT currency takes some time, Litecoin is fast. As we mentioned before, LTC transactions are faster than bitcoin.

Cheap transactions

The deposit fee is little to nothing, unlike in FIAT currency.

Factors to consider when buying litecoin

Litecoin is crypto, which means anything can happen to affect the litecoin. However, you might achieve some level of stability if you keep the thing below in mind.

Crypto is volatile – Litecoin value is not fixed. The currency gets very volatile sometimes. Therefore, keep your ear on the ground and stay updated with the latest litecoin news. Proper exchange sites also offer crypto news that you might find useful.

Litecoin value might change – Hoarding wins in your casino is not a smart choice, as litecoin values change. Withdraw as soon as you can.

Transaction charges –  Does the casino affect charges on litecoin deposits? If they do, how much is it compared to FIAT currency?

The casino’s minimum deposit – Ensure you buy enough litecoins to make a one-time deposit without issues?

Get Litecoin Bonuses

Which casino player doesn’t love  bonuses and casino treats? The best casino sites in India have bonuses that you can use to advance your wins. Be on the lookout for litecoin bonuses like:

Welcome bonuses – These are gifts meant for new players at a casino. New player bonuses typically match with your deposit amount.

No deposit bonus – The casino gives you a no deposit bonus before you can make a deposit. Still, you might be required to find your account before you can request a payout.

Cashback bonus – The casino will refund a percentage of your losses. It could be weekly, daily or monthly.

More casino promotions – The best litecoin casinos in our list offer other promotions once in a while. From the weekdays to weekends. Prizes include cars, gadgets, cash or exotic trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy litecoin to use for gambling?

The best place to buy is on a certified and trusted exchange platform. There are many platforms out there, so ensure you pick the safest site to buy crypto.

Can I convert my litecoin wins to cash?

In most casinos, you withdraw your wins via the same method you used to make a deposit. If you deposited litecoin and wish to withdraw in cash, talk to customer support for assistance.

Should I accept litecoin bonuses?

Bonuses preferences might differ among players. Still, bonuses can increase your chances of winning. They also come with wagering requirements that you must meet. Always read the terms and conditions of the bonus before accepting.


If you like playing thrilling casino games, you should try to play using litecoin. There are thousands of exciting games you could play today for a good time. From slots to table games,  bitcoin bingo, lotteries and live dealer casino games.

Litecoin has been around for years and it is getting more popular by the day.  There will be more litecoin casinos opening up in India and we will keep you updated.

Stay tuned for more tips and strategies for winning at crypto Indian casinos.