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Bitcoin Football Betting | Bet Online on Football

Bitcoin football betting is now a trend for online sportsbooks due to the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies and their diverse uses. The last decade has witnessed an increase in the number of bitcoin football bookmakers. It is fully legal to bet on football with bitcoin; however, BTC betting may vary from country to country due to different gaming laws.

Bitcoin football betting sites offer punters a fantastic opportunity to wager on sports with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so on. One casino that offers bitcoin betting is Fun88. Click here to place your bets.

Bitcoin Football Betting

Bet With Top Football Bookmakers In India

How to Place Bets on Football using Bitcoin

Online bitcoin football betting is quite similar to the traditional way of betting. Just like regular bookmakers offer you numerous possibilities to bet on a match, require you to choose one of them and place your bet; BTC football betting is not different. The only difference is that you are required to bet with cryptocurrency and not fiat money.

To bet on sports with bitcoin, you must consider the following factors:

  • Get a Good Site: This is usually the most challenging part of bitcoin betting. Crypto gambling is a new innovation in the gambling industry, and lots of websites do not accept it. Many sportsbooks accepting cryptocurrency are fraudsters and out to deceive punters. That’s why you need to be very careful when searching for a sportsbook that accepts crypto. You need to do your own thorough research, read reviews. The feedback and reliability of other punters are very important. This way, you will be able to assess the quality of the sportsbook. You will understand how reliable and conscientious such crypto bookmakers are. Do not forget to check the licensing authority of such a bookmaker and its years of existence. Indian bettors have nothing to fear when searching for the best bitcoin football betting sites; this is because Jeetplay is one of the best bookmakers in India. Click here to sign up to Jeetplay.
  • Check Availability: This is the second key point you should pay rapt attention to. Some sportsbooks restrict bettors from some countries from wagering on sports. For instance, you might be restricted from placing Bitcoin football bets at some casinos if you reside in India. This usually happens when casinos limit the betting possibilities for specific states. You can check the site’s homepage for this information or click on its terms and conditions page. One casino that accepts Indian bettors is LeoVegas. Click here to register.
  • Set Up a Crypto Wallet: The next step is to get a crypto wallet if you don’t have one. This enables you to keep your virtual money conveniently. Many bettors use Blockchain Wallets. However, you can use crypto wallets from other providers.

Crypto wallets contain just two digital codes, which are unique to each user. The developers ensure that each user is well taken care of by providing several options for the convenient utilization of the codes.

The security level of each wallet depends on its service provider and type. Crypto wallet is divided into two broad groups: cold and hot wallets.

  • Hot Storage: Your private keys are stored with an internet connection on the hot storage. With it, you have easier access, but it is usually vulnerable because it can be hacked too. It is popular for BTC soccer betting.
  • Cold Storage: It stores your private keys without an internet connection or access. The storage requires pre-preparation. However, you can rest assured that it is not vulnerable to hackers.

Register at Your Favourite Bitcoin Football Bookmaker: After setting up your crypto wallet, the next step is to register at your preferred crypto bookmaker. Signing up is very easy. Log on to the betting site, provide the necessary details (name, username, unique password, country, email, and address). Verify your account and ID. Add your wallet address and fund your account to begin your betting adventure. Betway is a good casino to begin such a wonderful experience. Click here to sign up.

Depositing at Football Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin betting can be tricky if you don’t know how to deposit at bitcoin casinos. The first thing you have to do upon registration at the casino is to link your wallet with your casino account. You can do this by visiting the cashier page of the betting site, click on the football cryptocurrency option. Enter your wallet address and select the number of BTC you want to transfer, and your betting account will instantly be credited.

Enjoy Live Football Betting With Bitcoin

The popular way of betting on football is by placing bets before the start of the match, but the advent of online casinos has modified betting with the ‘live play’ option. Many punters now use the live play option for football betting with bitcoin. This option is self-explanatory. In live betting, you are betting on the game’s outcome even when the match has started. However, depending on the process of the game, the odds change frequently. There is no limitation to betting on live matches.

Understanding the Bitcoin Football Betting Odds

A thorough understanding of online bitcoin football betting odds is key to earning huge returns in betting. So, you need to fully understand the role odds play and use this knowledge to make the right pick & win more bets. The odds for bitcoin sports betting and traditional betting are the same. There are three types of betting odds: American (Moneyline) odds, Decimal (European) odds, and fractional (British) odds. These are just various ways of saying the same thing; there is no difference in respect of payout.

American Odds

This is one of the popular betting odds. It is usually symbolized by the positive (+) or negative (-) sign. These signs indicate the amount you would risk to earn $100 or the amount you would earn for every $100 wager. The favourite odds are displayed with the negative (-) sign, while the underdog odds are displayed with the positive sign (+). For instance, if the odds of Arsenal winning a match is -110, you’ll need to wager $110 or its BTC equivalent to earn a return of $100.

Decimal Odds

These odds are quite straightforward. The underdog and favourites are easily spotted by looking at the numbers. It displays the exact money that punters will win for every $1 bet. These odds display the total payout and not only the profit.  

Fractional Odds

These odds are popular among the Irish and British bookies. It is displayed with the hyphen (-) or slash (/) sign, e.g., 6-1 or 6/1, and called six to one. The 6/1 odds mean that for every $1 or the BTC equivalent you wager, you earn $6. Put differently; it is the winnings ratio to the original wager. Thus, if you wager $10 at 6-1, your payout will be $70 ($10 stake + $60 profit).

For the best betting odds, click here to sign up to Spin Casino now.

Different Types of Football Betting Bets

Apart from a sound understanding of betting odds, you must know the different football betting bets. This bitcoin guide will further enumerate props bet, totals, future, and match betting.

a) Props Bet

Props is also referred to as proposition bet. It is a bet on the happening of a particular event during a match. This bet is independent of the final outcome or score of the match. It allows punters to wager on particular aspects of the game. Most prop betting focuses on player/team performance.

b) Totals Bet

It is also known as the over/under bet. This bet allows bettors to wager on the process of the game without worrying about the eventual winners of the match. It is a bet on the number of goals that the two teams playing a match will score at the end of the match. There are usually two options: under 2.5 or over 2.5. This means that if you bet on under 2.5 and the teams score below 3 goals, you win, but if they score above 3 goals, then the bet loses.

c) Future Bet

This is a bet on an award, series, or event that will be decided in the future. It is different from betting on the result of a single game. For example, you can wager on the odds of Manchester United winning the next English Premier League title. Thus upon, your bet, you will have to wait until the end of the season to claim your winnings if Manchester United wins.

d) Match Bet

This is one of the best bitcoin football bets. It is also called lay bet matching, double betting, or back bet matching. Bettors use this technique to benefit from incentives and free bets offered by online BTC sportsbooks. It is like a no deposit bonus used by bettors to turn free bets into real cash. All you have to do is base your strategy on mathematical equations rather than chance.

Bet on Different Football Leagues using Bitcoin

Every industry is keying into the benefits that come with cryptocurrency, and the sports industry is not left out. The industry has realized the huge potential that crypto can bring to further attract sponsors, monetize fan engagement & engage the global market in unimaginable ways.

The top six football leagues in the world: the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, and Italian Siera A, have embraced the cryptocurrency idea. As a matter of fact, Real Madrid, a cryptocurrency football club in Spain, recently bought a player using cryptocurrency. Just recently, English Premier League club Southampton paid its players bonuses in bitcoin.

Betting on these leagues has also taken a fantastic turn. Punters can now wager on their favorite clubs in the top leagues using cryptos such as bitcoin, ethereum, and so on. Cryptocurrency sites sponsor many of these leagues and teams.

There is also a new coin known as football coin crypto. This coin is specially designed for football betting. It is also used as a fan engagement token which gives fans influence and access to some decisions made by the teams they support. Bet on the top 5 European leagues at JackpotCity, Click here to join.

Tips and Strategies to Bet on Football Online

There are no foolproof strategies to instant football betting success. To be a successful bettor, you need to be hardworking, determined, possess the requisite knowledge and experience. Luck can’t carry you far in betting; you need good strategies to beat the odds. Here are five strategies that will boost your bankroll.

  • Follow professional tipsters
  • Keep a betting record and review it constantly
  • Do not bet with your heart; always bet with your head
  • Develop realistic expectations
  • Understand your goals and risk tolerance as a punter
  • Manage your bankroll
  • Bet on one sport
  • Line Shop, i.e., constantly change bookmakers
  • Take the small wins
  • Talk to other punters and do your research

Why to Bet on Football with Bitcoin

Bitcoin comes with a lot of benefits for bettors. Here are some things you stand to gain if you use BTC to wager on your favourite cricket games; 



Play from anywhere




Withdrawal time is instant


Fast transaction



Low platforms' variety


High risk


Tedious exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bet on football with bitcoin?

The first step is to sign up at a reliable sportsbook. If the bookmaker offers other sports, then you should select football. Pick the country and league on which you are wagering on. Select the matches and place your bet on the outcome using the bitcoin payment option.

Do all crypto sportsbooks offer football betting?

About 95% of crypto sportsbooks offer football betting. Football is one of the most popular sports on which bettors place bets. Of all the other sports, football is the most played worldwide and has a huge fan base.

How good are the odds when wagering on football with bitcoin?

The odds of wagering on football with bitcoin and betting at regular bookmakers are almost the same. The only difference is that you are betting with bitcoin.


Betting on football with bitcoin is just as easy as betting with other currencies. Although few bookmakers accept BTC as a payment option, the number of bitcoin casinos keeps increasing yearly. This is due to the many benefits that accrue to both punters and bookmakers who accept crypto. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is here to stay in the gambling world. We can only implore you to quickly take advantage of the golden opportunity and place your bets with the best crypto bookmaker, 22Bet. Click here now to sign up.