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How To Buy Bitcoin and Use in Online Casinos

Knowing how to buy and use bitcoin in online Indian casinos is not as complicated as most people think. You will be happy to know that BTC gambling is a straightforward process.

The advantages of using bitcoin at casino sites are too many to ignore. Actually, it is one of the hottest trends in the industry. The buzz is understandable – after all, the anonymity that bitcoin offers changes everything.

If you are trying to make bets and play your favourite casino games using bitcoin, read on. You are not alone. BTC betting has been growing popular for a while now.  

The best part about reading this guide is that you can use these steps to buy and use bitcoin in all Indian online casinos that accept crypto. 

 By the end of this article, you will know the entire process of buying crypto, sending it to a wallet, depositing online, making bets, and withdrawing your wins.


How To Buy Bitcoin in online casinos

Top Casinos To Play With Bitcoin In 2022

Steps Of Buying Bitcoins For Online Gambling

Step 1: Find a crypto exchange platform in India 

As the popularity of Bitcoin grows, so do crypto-support platforms. That is why you need to find a safe bitcoin exchange site. Do your research well to know the best place to buy and sell bitcoin. If you are not sure where to start, take a look at our recommended site to buy bitcoins in India.

Step 2: Have a wallet?

It is impossible to buy bitcoins for gambling in India, without a wallet. In crypto, a wallet serves the same purpose as a bank account. The only difference is that the address changes from time to time, for security. 

Step 3: Sign up for an account at a bitcoin exchange site

Signing up for a bitcoin buying account should be easy and fast. You will most likely be asked for personal details like email, name and password. Remember to be extra careful when it comes to your passwords and wallet accounts. To maximize security, ensure that you don’t use passwords from other sites. They might need to verify your identity to enforce for security but it will be quick.

Step 4: Deposit crypto or fiat currency

Create a deposit address and send the funds. You can use SWIFT, SEPA and domestic wire transfers to fund your account with fiat currencies. 

Step 5: Buy bitcoin

Once your crypto or Fiat reflects in your account, you are finally ready to start buying bitcoin for gambling. If you are using a top bitcoin site, you will also have access to other tools like customer support. Therefore, if you have further questions, talk to the site reps for further information.


How To Deposit & Withdrawal Winning With Bitcoin

Once you have finished buying bitcoin, it is time to play and have fun. There are many brands of bitcoin casinos in India so that is not something you should be worried about.

Step 1: Find a top bitcoin casino in India

Sign up for an account that accepts bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Ensure the casino is licensed and owned by duly registered companies. It is also important for the casino to be mobile compatible – it will make your gaming experience better.

Tip: Making a bitcoin deposit is the most private way of gambling in India. It offers more anonymity than any other mode of payment.

Step 2: Transfer bitcoins into your casino bankroll 

Click on ‘DEPOSIT’ to fund your casino account. The casino will give you an address where you can transfer the bitcoins from your address.

Tip: Always check the casino to see if there are any beneficial bonuses for bitcoin deposits or games.

Step 3: Play, make bets and have fun!

Now that your account is funded, it is time to play your favourite games. Whether you like spinning slots, find a thrill with cards, relish the roulette wheel or love blackjack. 

Tip: Always have a bankroll management strategy when making bets. Measure your bankroll balance against the odds of the game. Where only luck matters as in slots, ensure that you plan your bets wisely, especially during special features.

Step 4: Withdraw your wins in form of bitcoin!

Once you are done playing and winning your casino games, it is time to receive a payout. Go ahead and withdraw your wins. The wins will then be deposited into your bitcoin wallet.

Tip: Bitcoin withdrawals are usually processed faster than FIAT currency. Keep that in mind!

Why Do I Need To Verify My Identity To Buy Bitcoin

Don’t be surprised when asked to verify your identity. It is just a normal procedure. Crypto exchange sites do this to protect their users. You don’t have to fret about data confidentiality and know that all your personal and financial information is safe. 

Examples of verification documents required are utility bills, bank statements, passport or national ID. 

The bitcoin casinos might also ask to verify you before you can make a withdrawal. The identity verification process is simple and fast. Once you are verified, your payouts will be processed faster. 

Pros Of Buying Bitcoin To Play At Online Casinos

Here is a summary of the perks of using bitcoin to gamble at online casinos in India.

Fast transactions

Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are popular because of their speed. Of course, every player wants to receive their wins as soon as possible after winning. What better way than bitcoin?


Bitcoin protects your identity. By using bitcoin to gamble, you are protecting your personal and financial details.

Secure transactions

Bitcoin operates in blockchain technology, therefore making it the most secure digital currency for Indian gamblers.

No third parties

Buying bitcoin rarely involves third parties. It is a peer-to-peer activity.

Things To Watch Out For When Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a great way to play at online casinos. There are so many benefits of using this type of cryptocurrency. However, there are a few factors to consider.

Volatility – Bitcoins price is not fixed. It is a highly volatile currency. Fortunately, stable coins help cushion the fluctuation. 

The value might change – Avoid hoarding your casino wins for a long time. Withdraw as frequently as you can to ensure that you get value on your cashback.

Types Of Bitcoin Bonuses

If you are buying bitcoin to use on an Indian gambling site, chances are you are interested in getting bonuses and promotions. After all, bonuses are a great way of attracting new players and treating existing members.

Expect the following bitcoin bonuses:

  • New player/Welcome bonuses – These are goodies specially designed for new players. If you are depositing in bitcoin, the amount in your casino welcome bonus will match your deposit. 
  • No deposit bonuses – You will receive No deposit casino bonuses even before you can make a bitcoin deposit. However, most casinos require you to deposit before withdrawing wins from your bonus.
  • Other promotions – Don’t be surprised if you come across many more prizes including gadgets, cash, exotic trips or a car.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I withdraw wins from bitcoin casino and use to buy goods and services?

Yes. Once your withdrawal has been processed and you have received your funds, you are free to use the bitcoins in your wallet as you wish.

Can I still get bonuses if I use bitcoin to gamble?

Yes. Bitcoin casinos don’t discriminate. This means you will still get the same treatment and have access to promotions that other regular players have.

Is it safe to use bitcoin for gambling?

Yes. Your data and funds will be safe as long as you use a secure bitcoin exchange site. Also, keep all your passwords and wallet address safe.


Overall, buying bitcoin to use in gambling is easy, fast and secure. It doesn’t take much time to create a wallet, sign up for a bitcoin exchange account and making a deposit.

At the end of the day, the number one goal is to have fun with your games. So make the most of it and play as many thrilling games as possible. You will be surprised at the number of games you can play with bitcoin.

The biggest point to remember is password and wallet safety. Never share your login details of bitcoin wallet address information with third parties.

You will love the privacy and anonymity that bitcoin has to offer. So go ahead and buy bitcoin for gambling at top Indian casinos!