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Play Bitcoin Casinos Live Here!

Live Bitcoin casino is a phenomenon that has come to stay since the infusion of Bitcoin Technology into online casino games and consequently its adaptation into live dealer casino games. Ever since then, there has been a great turnaround in the online gambling industry in terms of speedy means of transactions, reduced costs, safety and security  and privacy of players’ information. Bitcoin casino live cuts across all major casino games including slots, poker, black jack, baccarat and much more. Click here to sign up on Fun88 to enjoy the best live Bitcoin casino games in India.

Live Bitcoin Casino

Best Live Bitcoin Casinos Of 2022

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Spin Casino
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Royal Panda
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Bitcoin Live Casinos - How It Works?

Typically, a Bitcoin live casino is an online casino that offers live dealer games to players and accepts Bitcoin as means of funding, bonus and withdrawal for the live games. It is important to note that Bitcoin live casino online works like every regular live online casino. All you need to do is simply register with the casino, open an account, fund the account with the minimum required deposit and start playing your favourite live online casino games offered by the casino. However, the sole difference lies in that while regular online casinos allow only fiat, such as Rupees, as the means of payment for the live dealer games, Bitcoin casino live dealers allow Bitcoin as the means of payment. 

Also, live Bitcoin casino may allow Bitcoin as either the sole means of payment for live dealer games or as an additional or alternative means of payment to fiat. There is also an additional feature on live Bitcoin casinos that allows you to convert your Bitcoin to other currencies like Rupees. 

How to play Live Bitcoin Casinos?

To begin your gaming journey at any bitcoin casino, you must first sign up to a crypto wallet and purchase bitcoin from an exchange site.

The next step is to choose a bitcoin casino to play at, deposit your bitcoin into your casino account, claim the available welcome bonus and begin your game play. Click here to sign up on Spin casino for the best Bitcoin casino live dealers. 

Why Play Bitcoin Casinos With Live Dealers?

Live Bitcoin Casino adapts technological tools like webcams, mics and speakers to provide players with the opportunity to talk to the dealer while playing live casino games. Beyond this, there are other benefits to playing Bitcoin casinos with live dealers, which include:

Fast Transaction

Live Bitcoin casino offers the fastest means of funding and withdrawal using Bitcoin technology. Deposits and withdrawal are instant, but it could take up to 20 minutes to finalise a deposit or withdrawal. Usually, the transaction speed depends on the setting being used with your bitcoin wallet and the number of transactions that are going on in the blockchain.

Anonymous Transaction

To play at live bitcoin casinos, you don't need to provide your personal details or submit any documentation. All that is required from you is your email address, unique password and username.

Swift Withdrawals

Bitcoin withdrawals takes less than 24 hours to process. This is an advantage it has over regular casinos whose withdrawals take up to 5 working days to process. Click here to sign up on Jeetplay to enjoy the best odds and payouts of live Bitcoin casino in India. 


Live Bitcoin casino ensures that Bitcoin transactions, i.e. deposit and withdrawal, are conducted at no fees or the littlest charges.

Live Casino without hassles

As opposed to the usual hassles of a crowded situation at traditional live casinos, Bitcoin casino live ensures you access live dealer games in the company of others from anywhere in the world without the hassles.

Play Bitcoin Live Casino Games

As stated earlier, Bitcoin live casino virtually works the same way as regular online live casinos offering different varieties of casino games in live dealer modes.

Therefore, live casino games offered on Bitcoin live casino include blackjack games, baccarat, roulette, poker, slots, dice, bingo, craps, and other games in live dealer versions. How the live dealer of these games works on Bitcoin live casino is therefore explained as follows:

Other Live Dealer Option

Live Blackjack Games

When you play live bitcoin blackjack games, your cards are dealt by a real human being whose cards are larger than regular cards so that you can easily see each card the dealer is dealing. These dealers are also equipped with mics for seamless communication between you and the dealer.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat

On live baccarat, while being able to communicate live with the dealer, you are to before every hand, bet on whether the dealer hand will win, the player hand will win, or if the result of the hand will be a tie, using Bitcoin.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette

With live roulette, you have a real Roulette wheel, betting table, chips and the real ball that spins inside the wheel, plus the ability to talk to the dealer using the chat feature, including mics and webcams. Click here to sign up on Jeetplay for an amazing live roulette game and more.

Live Poker Games

Live Poker

Like online poker, in live poker, you are still aiming to have the highest ranking hand at the end five-card game rounds. You are either calling, raising or folding a bet on the live poker table operated by a live human dealer.

Live Slots

Live Slots

On live slots, action is streamed to you from the casino studio while you play live slot machines through your smartphone or PC as if you were playing online slots. Live slots feature a spinning wheel that offers various sections that contain prizes. You are only playing for the indicator to point to a large payout when the wheel stops spinning.

Live Dice

Live Dice

Live Dice is played with 5 standard dice, which the live dealer drops into a box, shuffles, and rolls onto a conical-shaped table. You are required to bet on which of the outcomes would be the winning combination.

Live Bingo

Live Bingo

On Bitcoin live casino, live bingo is played by first placing your wagers and bets using Bitcoin before you start playing the game that you have selected. After that, a bet will be placed for each bet or taps. Each player has a card with rows of numbers, usually called a ticket. Players cross off the numbers on their ticket as the live dealer calls them out. Your aim, therefore, is to be the first to cross off all your numbers

Live Craps

Live Craps

Live dealer craps are not so popular as live dealer roulette or live dealer baccarat, mainly because of how the game is played. Live craps game begins when you have submitted your bets by clicking on the relevant chips, followed by the first round roll called the Come-Out Roll. When the bets are closed, the live dealer rolls the dice, and the total is both announced by the Stickman and zoomed-in and displayed on the screen for transparency.

Other Live Dealer Option

Other Live Dealer Option

Other live dealer options available for you on live Bitcoin casino are live keno, live casino Hold'em, live Sic Bo, live Caribbean tiger, live monopoly, live mega ball and many more.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Bitcoin Live Casinos

    1. Security of the Casino: Security is a very essential factor for online gaming. No one wants to wager at a scam site. Your financial and personal security is guaranteed when playing at bitcoin casinos.
    2. Pay attention to the casino’s policy: Ensure you read the casino’s policy before playing it’s games. Do not play at casinos with hidden conditions. 
    3. Examine the casino’s terms of payment: It is normal for a bitcoin casino to have swift transaction processes. However, read the terms and conditions of the casino to know more about it’s payment options.
    4. Check out for good customer service: An efficient customer support is very important to both players and bitcoin casino. This allays the fear of players that they are playing at a reputable casino. One that they can entrust their funds and personal details to. 
    5. Watch out for the best promotions: Generally, Bitcoin live casinos are known for offering the best promotions in the market. Research diligently to find which promotions package is most preferable to you. Many casinos offer free bitcoin game to players. Further information on the bitcoin casinos’ promotions can also be found in the Bitcoin bonus list of the casino.

Top Live Bitcoin Casino Software Providers

Over the years, it has been the business of some software developer companies to carve a niche for themselves in developing top Bitcoin software for online casino games and live dealers. Here are a few of them:



Ezugi is one of the top bitcoin games providers. It's games are a mix of cool graphics, beautiful animation, good soundtrack and nice themes. Playing Ezugi games gives you the best live casino experience.

Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming

Vivo gaming provider came into prominence in 2010. Vivo Gaming is widely known for its live dealer and table games like Sic Bo, Roulette, Craps and so on

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is famous for its live casino spanning across a great variety of key table games such Live Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Casino Hold’em. The perks of evolution Gaming software include HD streaming, VIP dealer tables, native dealer speakers and much more.

Visionary iGaming

Visionary iGaming

Also known as VIG, was launched in 2008. This developer has the best games in the online gaming industry. Its live games are optimized to play on mobile and desktop.

Live Dealer VS Regular Bitcoin Casino Games

Although it has been mentioned earlier that live dealer Bitcoin casino games work like the regular Bitcoin casino games, especially as they both require you to play casinos using Bitcoin as real money. It is important to note that some notable differences still exist between the two types of casino games, which are explained as follows:

Live Dealer Bitcoin Casino games

  • You don’t require to have a bitcoin wallet
  • You can’t win real money
  • You can’t earn any bonuses.
  • You play the blackjack game against the computer and not a live dealer
  • You don’t need to enter your bank credentials or any biodata.
  • You can download the gameplay

Regular Bitcoin Casino Games

  • Operated by a Random Number Generator (RNG)
  • No form of interaction either with the dealer or other players is provided. 
  • Requires lower wagers.
  • Fairly strong Internet speed and bandwidth are enough to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.
  • You have unlimited control over the number of bets, time and pace at which you’re playing a game.

Enjoy both sides of the coin, that is, live dealer Bitcoin games and regular Bitcoin games on Royal Panda casino. Click now to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bitcoin casinos legit?

Only Bitcoin casinos licensed by reputable online gambling authorities are considered legitimate and trustworthy.

What are the benefits of playing Bitcoin casinos live?

The perks to playing Bitcoin casinos live include privacy, speedy transactions, cost-effectiveness, security, lack of casino hassles, etc.

What should I consider before choosing a Bitcoin live casino?

Before choosing a Bitcoin live casino online, confirm that the casino is licensed, that it is highly private with your information, that it offers the best promotions, and that it offers seamless Bitcoin transactions.

What games can I play on Bitcoin live casinos?

The variety of games available on Bitcoin live casinos include live roulette, live blackjack, live slots, live dice, live craps, live bingo and many more.


Bitcoin live casinos are a step ahead of regular online live casinos, having managed to infuse Bitcoin technology as a verifiable means of transactions into online casino games coupled with its attendant benefits. Choosing to bet online with bitcoin requires you to have some background knowledge about the live bitcoin casino in terms of its safety, privacy, security, promotions, payment methods, and so on. 

You can also consider the software provider behind the live casino game of your choice. Since Live Bitcoin casino covers varieties of casino games, your options are limitless; choose what suits you best and gamble wisely. Click here to sign up on Betway casino to enjoy the best live slots.