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Bitcoin Craps – Play Crap Games With Bitcoin

Bitcoin craps may sound like a very unusual term but it’s not, it is just technology at play. The advent of technology has brought a lot of changes and innovations into the world. It has positively impacted many aspects of human lives. The gaming industry is not left out of this as it adjusts itself to the new dailies of technology year in year out as evident with the introduction of bitcoin craps into the gaming world. 

 Bitcoin is one of the accompanying results of technology. This means that with technology came digital currency called bitcoin. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency used for everything fiat money can do and more; this includes playing games at online casinos (in this case Crap Games).

The next few subheadings will explicitly take you on a journey of how you can play Crap with Bitcoin at Fun88 casino. Come along….

Best Bitcoin Crap Casinos 2022

What are Bitcoin Craps

Do not be confused; it is simple when it is broken down for you. Craps is in the family of dice games; it is played by rolling a pair of dice. Like every gambling game, players stake their money and play the games. In craps, multiple players are allowed to play against each other. As a matter of fact, up to 15 players can play this game together.

 This game is usually called by different names depending on where and how it is being played. Casino Craps, Street Craps, Table Craps, etc., are all associated names of the same game. When it reads “Bitcoin Craps Games”, it is assumed what comes to mind is playing Craps with the digital currency known as bitcoin. Right? That is the right path.

Crap games added with the spice of bitcoin is what just any player needs to get their adrenaline rushing. The gameplay may look tricky if players is not familiar with dice games nor bitcoin, but once they get into it, they are in for a lifetime of fun. This game is packed with a lot of juicy features that will be touched gradually in the next subheadings.

Bitcoin Craps

How to Play Craps Games Using Bitcoin

Playing any game, whether online or in a traditional casino, requires knowing how to play. While some players may find that quite difficult at the start, a simplified version of it will be given here. Also, Casino types determine how easy a player will find playing any game sometimes, and for Bitcoin Crap, a player need to choose a Bitcoin Casino.

How To Use And Buy Bitcoin To play Craps?

A bitcoin wallet is needed to play Bitcoin Craps.. A bitcoin wallet is like a purse or an account where bitcoin transactions come in and go out from. Bitcoin can be bought directly from coin base or better still sent from an existing bitcoin wallet. It’s the same for Craps. Players send bitcoins from their bitcoin wallet to the Bitcoin casino they want to play craps. This is done by copying the address in the category of Bitcoin gambling in the chosen casino site, to the Blockchain platform, click on send to have the required amount of Bitcoin straight into the Casino account. 

22Bet Casino makes everything easy, and that’s why players are recommended to play their game there. Wanting to know how to play craps game with bitcoin is not out of place, here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. After setting the table (which looks almost the same at Casinos), players put their chips on different bets. That’s placing a bet. There would be many bets on the table, and a player can play on any one of them.
  2. There are 2 phases in around. One is the come-out phase, and the other is the point phase. A shooter rolls the come-out phase. 
  3. Wait for the roll to end and check the results. If it’s a 7 or 11, pass line bets win. A 2 or 3 means the Pass line bets lost.
  4. A point number results in rolling the dice again. The shooter does this, and if a point number is rolled before a 7, it is a win. A loss occurs when a 7 is rolled before the point number.
  5. The general logic in how to play crap with bitcoin is to try and predict the result of each dice that is rolled and stake based on it. 
  6. In Bitcoin Craps, player stake with chips instead of fiat (or currencies).

Rules to Playing Bitcoin Craps at Casinos

There are rules in every game; some of these rules help players stay on track, while some may help them win. Added to this is that there are rules that players follow to use casinos. Below are the rules to take note of when playing Craps at a bitcoin casino:

Play Bitcoin Craps at Spin Casino and get to enjoy all the fun that is stocked in the game

Common Bets Used in Bitcoin Crap Table

Bets in Craps means the different types of laying games can be played. Different techniques which any player can use in playing games. Since the rules of this game are already known, below are the different bets you can place on the Craps table:

  1. Pass Bets – Pass bets are the most peculiar type of bets that players use in Bitcoin Craps. Pass bets are for an 11 or a 7.
  2. Come Bets – Come bets are placed after a come-out roll of dice.
  3. Don’t Pass Bets – In don’t pass, a player or players is/are betting against the shooter. The bets are expecting that a 2 or 3 will be rolled out. 
  4. Odds Bets – When a point is established in a game, the extra stake or wager that can be placed after is the odds bet. Odds Bets can be used on COME BETS, DON’T COME BETS, also on Pass and Don’t pass bets. The odds of the number determines a win; the idea is that players should focus on odds.
  5. Place Bets – Placing a bet is also done after a point is established. This is the basics of most of the bets in craps. Place bets are betting a number that is rolled before seven shooters. It pays 7 to 6 for 6 and 8 points, 9 to 5 for 4 to 10 points. 
  6. Hard ways Bets – Hard ways are gambling on a shooters dice to roll a 3 or an 11. It’s also on odds, but it is different. 7 – 1 on 4 – 10, 30 – 1 on 12 or the snake eyes
  7. Proposition Bet – Proposition bets are the chip swallow of Bitcoin craps. In proposition bets, a player will place a stake on the probability of an occurrence or its nonoccurrence in the event of the game. It simply means that players are placing a bet that something will or will not happen during the game.
  8. Big 6 or Big 8 – Big 6 means that a 6 is coming out before a 7 on a 6 bet, and Big 8 means that an 8 is coming before a 7 and the bet is an 8.
  9. Field – Infield betting, a player will bet that a roll of dice will bring out a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 OR 12. 
  10. Any Crap – Any crap means gambling on a roll to be 2,3 or 11.

Pros and Cons of Playing Crap with Bitcoin


  • Using Bitcoin for Craps guarantees  faster transaction of deposits on any Bitcoin casino.
  • Easier processing of payments – because of the lack of regulations that fiat currencies are put through, Bitcoin is faster as it doesn’t have to go through any of these.
  • Bitcoin craps grant anonymity to the player and this is one of the big reasons’ players opt for this.
  • Because it is not in association with any central bank, there are no bank charges or bureaucracy. It is decentralized.
  • It is simple to use and easy to convert to any fiat currency.


  • Bitcoin itself is not allowed in a lot of countries, it is not legalized and because of this casinos usually have problems getting licensed.
  • A tiny mistake such as exposing a bitcoin address or a compromise of information on the part of the casino can lead to the loss of coins in a wallet.
  • Deposition of larger amounts make take a long time because it will be processed via blockchain.
  • Some casinos do not process bitcoin withdrawals even if they accept bitcoin for deposits.

Devices to play online craps with Bitcoin

Bitcoin craps can be played in numerous ways and on different devices. It can be played on Computer desktops, laptops, android and iOS phones. The significant factor here is to make sure that any device a player wants to use is connected to the internet as the internet is needed for Bitcoin Casino games to work. The exception of this means you cannot download the game for playing.

Recommended Devices to Play Craps Online

Laptops are the best options because they offer a larger screen and space than phones will usually have. Although some phones also come with a larger screen, it is recommended to use an iPad or any android phone with a medium-sized screen. Phones are preferable because they are more mobile and can be taken anywhere. Jeetplay Casino offers mobile options and it is cool to play Bitcoin craps there.

Live Bitcoin Casinos to Play Craps

Players love live dealing and the good news is that it is possible to have live dealing in Bitcoin Craps. Live dealer games allow real people to set a table and deal cards. It is a traditional casino feature in online gambling. It returns the natural feel that traditional casinos offer. In Bitcoin craps, multiple real players can play together on the Craps table.

  • Betway Casino– At Betway, players get to enjoy multiple bonuses and promotions with an interesting live game session. This is a highly recommended place to play Bitcoin Craps. Note that players claim bonuses at this Bitcoin casino very easily.

  • Fun88 Casino – At Fun88 players get to enjoy multiple bonuses and promotions with an interesting live game session. This is a highly recommended place to play Bitcoin Craps. Note that players claim bonuses at this Bitcoin casino very easily.

  • JeetPlay Casino – Jeetplay is an Indian based casino that’s still new in the market. It was launched in 2020 and has partnered with 30+ game providers since then. Slot games, table games, virtual bets, casinos and a generous welcome offer are all specs of Jeetplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bitcoin Craps Be played on a demo?

Yes, it is possible. Once it is available on the casino to test the game first, then players can play in the demo mode. There are several free bitcoin casinos where you can play.

Is bitcoin Craps different from Craps?

The only difference between bitcoin craps and just craps is the means of transaction. One is done with digital currency, and the other with Fiat money. In bitcoin craps, the wager is made with electronic chips instead of cash. This means that players roll bitcoin dice with chips.

Can I play bitcoin craps on mobile phones?

Yes, bitcoin craps can be played on mobile android phones, iOS and iPads the same way it can be played on a laptop or desktop. The significant factor is the internet connection. Once that is available, the game is on.


Bitcoin craps is an interesting game that lovers of dice games don’t joke with. Different game providers have developed different versions from the original craps. Each of them fit into what they feel would make it more unique. In all of this, most of the crap games around have a lot of similarities.

Bitcoin Craps is Crap played on a bitcoin gaming software and this has been explicitly broken down in the last few minutes. However, when players want to play Bitcoin Craps it is advisable to look out for a licensed Bitcoin Casino. Playing games at a licensed and recommended Bitcoin casino will help players eliminate the risks associated with frauds.